With spring right around the corner, it’s time for that annual spring cleaning. Time to wash the curtains, clean the baseboards and get out all the dust and grime that has accumulated over the winter. But that doesn’t just apply to your house. For many of us, it may be time for a spring cleaning of another kind: an oral health spring cleaning! Here are some tips and tricks to get your oral health back on track and your mouth as spring clean as your home.

Get a New Brush

You’re supposed to replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head every three months. If it’s been awhile since you last replaced your brush, take this opportunity to do so now and treat your teeth to a better cleaning. Unless advised by Dr. Mingus, aim for a medium-hard bristle and buy a brush that is American Dental Association-recommended.

Add a Step

Now that the winter chill is going away and we’re going out more, make sure flossing is part of your routine. Yes, it takes more time, but two extra minutes for a healthier smile is a great tradeoff if you ask us!

Stick to Your Resolutions

Did you make resolutions to eat better, quit smoking or take better care of your teeth? Don’t give up on yourself! Get a renewed perspective this spring and get back into the routine of self-care.

Try a Whitening Treatment

The cold winter months may mean an increase in warm beverage consumption – like that extra few cups of coffee. This in turn may cause some surface staining or discoloration on your teeth. To remedy this, a professional whitening treatment may get your teeth back to their natural color.

Try Something New

Bored with your regular toothpaste? Don’t be! There are lots of flavor options available that may renew your interest in brushing each morning. Just make sure the paste you choose has fluoride and bears the ADA seal on the box.

Schedule a Cleaning

It may be time to give your mouth a good old-fashioned spring cleaning, which means you definitely should call the office and schedule your appointment. We can get your pearly whites pearly white again, and you’ll get peace of mind knowing everything is in check. If you do need any intervention, we’ll take care of that too, so you can rest easy you caught the problem before it gets worse.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Mingus, please call 541-382-6565.