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August 20, 2017

Our Dental staff constantly reinforces the fact that every single tooth plays a very important role in the balance, form, function and harmony of all of our patients smiles. Unfortunately, every now and then a tooth gets broken or lost and the decision must be made on what to do next. Of course, replacing missing teeth avoids the impulse to cover our smiles to hide the imperfection, but it also allows your remaining teeth to stay strong and last longer by reducing the stress placed on them.


Strong Healthy Teeth Smile Makeover Bend Central Oregon Distinctive Dentistry


The good news is that when this problem does arise, we have the knowledge and technology to replace your broken or missing teeth without compromising the function or structure of your mouth. We have several options for custom treatment plans here in Central Oregon. Whether it's bridges, crowns, implants or precision-fit dentures, we strive to ensure the results are as natural looking as they are comfortable and secure every time.

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