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December 29, 2015

We at Distinctive Dentistry of Bend, Oregon know the importance of keeping your teeth as healthy as possible. That's why we offer our BRACE FOR IMPACT program for only $100.00 a month!

Yes... you read that right. Get new braces for only $100/month!

The alignment of your teeth is important to your all around health, and we incorporate neuromuscular dentistry and orthodontics to ensure that your smile is perfect for YOU.

Neuromuscular orthodontics focuses on how the chewing system works together with regard to orthodontic planning. Looking beyond teeth, skeletal structures and the jaws, neuromuscular orthodontics includes the airway, joints and the muscles that operate the jaw.

When these all work in harmony, patients enjoy a comfortable bite and a straight smile. Straight teeth are just a small part of the overall goal. Primary (baby) teeth are not extracted to alleviate crowding. Rather, jaws are developed to accommodate the teeth. Permanent teeth are not extracted to alleviate crowding. Instead, space is made for the teeth.

And getting new braces for only $100 a month is definitely another way to help with your smile!

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Distinctive Dentistry of Bend Oregon offers neuromuscular orthodontics and braces for 100 a month

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