Fountain of Youth Dentures

Dentures designed for a perfect fit


Fountain of Youth Dentures applies all the leading sciences in dentistry to the design of custom dentures. This revolutionary approach gives denture-wearers the same benefits as our patients who undergo neuromuscular dental treatments and cosmetic dental treatments. In the past, wearing dentures meant having to tolerate the discomfort and dysfunction of a more standardized treatment. Today, with Fountain of Youth Dentures, Dr. Mingus helps denture-wearing patients obtain a new level of custom dentures that can be life-changing.

The results for patients are dentures that eliminate or reduce typical denture pain. The ideal fit of the denture design improves speech, chewing and smiling. With improved facial structure, jowls, facial and neck folds, and other signs of aging are improved. More youthful proportions to your face and expression are restored, like a face-lift without surgery. And the frequent sunken-in look that can happen with dentures is eliminated.

We’d like all denture-wearers to know about the differences possible with Fountain of Youth Dentures. If you are interested in a consultation about dentures, please call us for more information at 541-382-6565.