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Health and Aesthetics Improve with our Facial Growth Treatment

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Facial growth and the guidance

Dr. Mingus offers patients cutting-edge, non-surgical facial growth treatment that affects health and wellness throughout the body and improves facial and smile aesthetics. He does this using an emerging science called epigenetics, which means expressing your genes for full development. The underlying cause of crooked teeth, temporomandibular joint disorder and some types of sleep apnea is an underdeveloped jaw. Many factors lead to an underdeveloped jaw, including diet and environment growing up. When a jaw does not develop fully, a bite does not fit correctly, there is often not enough room for all the teeth and your airway does not develop fully. People who have had teeth extracted for braces (crowding), those who suffer from sleep apnea (airway) and those with chronic TMJ pain (alignment) all have issues beginning with an underdeveloped jaw. Dr. Mingus’ facial growth approach to dentistry grows your jaw to its full potential. His practice restores a healthy environment that affects your whole body and outlook. In addition, as the jaw grows and the lower face takes on a fuller look, the effect is like a non-surgical face-lift that improves facial and smile aesthetics.

Facial growth and the Guidance

Facial growth and the guidance necessary for the life-changing results are accomplished using highly calibrated measuring technologies and the use of an orthotic appliance specially calibrated for a patient’s specific DNA. In the treatment, Dr. Mingus used T-Scan and 3D Radiograph technology to map and measure progress, charting and guiding the new growth to a successful outcome where the jaw is fully grown, structural stresses are eliminated and the airway if full and open. The jaw grows because the specifically designed orthotic stimulates areas of the jaw bone when it is worn. This stimulation triggers the body’s natural growth processes to grow the jawbone. The first time the jaw grew, it underdeveloped due to environmental, diet and other conditions. Under Dr. Mingus’ guidance, the jaw grows to its full potential and the teeth are later guided into place with orthodontics. This creates a bite where the force of the bite is perfectly centered, left to right, front to back. This alleviates any undue stress on the jaw joint. With the airway open, the tongue takes its proper position in the mouth, opening up breathing at night and eliminating a major cause of sleep apnea. And, with the jaw fully grown, all the teeth have room to fit comfortably, where they were intended to belong by your genetics.

Did You Know?

Your tongue should be on the roof of your mouth 90 percent of the day with your lips sealed. Otherwise, you are showing signs of an underdeveloped jaw.

Did You Know?

The best time to look into facial growth treatment is before the jaw is fully grown. We treat adults looking to reverse the effects of an underdeveloped jaw, and we treat children who are still growing before problems begin to manifest into symptoms.

If you suffer from TMJ disorder or sleep apnea, or if you have crooked teeth and are considering braces, please talk to us about facial growth treatment and epigenetic dentistry. To schedule a consultation, please call us at 541-382-6565.