How We Improve Our Patients’ Wellness

Health and Aesthetics Improve with our Facial Growth Treatment

Yes, we are a dental practice, but our passion to improve our patient’s overall health drives our practice. In fact, we can improve overall health for most Bend residents. Are you in that majority? If improved health and wellness is your goal, here’s how we can help.

Start by asking yourself, do you…

  • Want to feel more energized, plugged in and on the ball?
  • Want permanent lifetime health and wellness solutions, not fads?
  • Want to do everything you can to live and feel better?
  • Want to free yourself of chronic pains, such as headaches?
Not your typical dentist questions, are they? That’s because any dental practice can perform a cleaning or filling and whiten your teeth, but if your priority is to raise your quality of life with improved health and wellness, you require more out your dentist. By understanding the basics of Face Forward Dentistry, you’ll see how this emerging approach we practice improves our patients’ overall health and wellness in ways that last a lifetime.

Why Face Forward Dentistry?

Stated simply, with Face Forward Dentistry, we reverse one factor that impacts health and wellness throughout the body: an underdeveloped airway. When the jaw is fully formed and all the pieces fit properly (bones, teeth & tongue), the airway is fully developed. When the pieces don’t fit and the airway is not fully formed, the result can be TMJ disorder/pain including chronic headaches, sleep apnea, crowded teeth and the toxic lifestyles that come with those disorders. Rather than fix the symptoms, our solution uses growth guidance appliances to painlessly grow the jaw to its intended full potential. This life-changing approach has long-term health, wellness and cosmetic benefits created by a permanent, fully formed foundation of jawbone. Face Forward Dentistry is the most comprehensive approach to improve health and wellness in our patients, which is why it’s at the heart of our practice.

Is Your Goal Total Health and Wellness?

These Factors Are improved by Face Forward Dentistry

Negative Health Factors of TMJ Disorder

Nothing destroys wellness like chronic pain and TMJ disorder creates numerous chronic pains that can be completely debilitating. The most common symptom of chronic pain we hear from patients is persistent headaches, often caused by TMJ disorder. Dysfunction in the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint) can cause chronic head, neck and jaw pain, migraines, numbness in the limbs and other symptoms. To make matters worse, TMJ Disorder frequently goes mis-diagnosed resulting in long-term use of painkillers.

Negative Health Factors of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) debilitates life with many factors related to low oxygen and lack of rest. High blood pressure, circulatory issues and psychological issues are triggered by sleep apnea. With unrestful sleep, the resulting irritability, mood swings, weight gain and chronic fatigue can affect a person’s day to day life. Oxygen deprivation can also affect cognitive functions, reflexes and physical performance. OSA is not a funny joke about snoring. It has life-threatening health and wellness impact.

Negative Health Factors of Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are the most visible sign of an underdeveloped jaw and, for generations, the answer for crooked teeth has been extractions and braces. But, why straighten the teeth on a faulty foundation of underdeveloped jaws? Doing this invites future problems. The greatest health and wellness results occur when teeth are straightened after the jaws and airway are fully developed. And, when done in this order, no extractions are necessary because the intended natural space is created for all the natural teeth.

Do You Want The Highest Standards of Care?

You’ll Feel Comfortable in Your Experience With Us

We’re focused on your desire for health and wellness when you visit us. Doing so requires time, listening and communication. We understand that you may have questions and there is a lot to discuss, so there is never a rush at our practice. We believe our practice environment should reflect the healthy, productive lifestyle we help patients achieve.

Prior to visiting us, you’ll have two calls. The first is to schedule your consultation and the second is for us to get to know you better. In this call with our Patient Care Advocate, we go into detail about your health and wellness desires, your expectations and any other informational needs you have.

Our Patient Care Advocate also personally guides you through your consultation with us at our office. In the first consultation, we spend plenty of time understanding what you seek from us. Our New Patient room does not have the feel of your traditional dental office, because we want you to know from the beginning, we offer you more than dental services. Our solutions are focused on your overall health.

This consultation includes photography and bite analysis so we can begin determining ways we can create positive, healthy solution for you. Dr. Mingus joins the first consultation to further explore your desires and options. This consultation is not a dental exam; it’s an opportunity for you to ask questions and get information necessary to make decisions about how to make life improvements through dentistry. Our team is here to listen and facilitate what you decide is best for you.

Sometimes we meet with prospective patients several times to answer questions, allow spouses or partners the chance to join and ask questions and to allow for the right pace. Either way, our way is genuinely all about you, your wants and your health.

About Your First Visit