Replace Black Metal Fillings

Black fillings contain mercury and other metals you don’t want in your body

Metal Mercury Removal

Dr. Mingus promotes the removal of black and silver amalgam fillings, which commonly contain the toxic substance mercury. Our mercury amalgam removal service is designed to remove toxic dental material including mercury amalgam and other fillings, crowns or bridges that are biologically incompatible with the patient while keeping the patient comfortable and safe during the removal process.

We replace black and silver amalgam fillings with modern white resin composites that are stronger and pose no safety hazards. This improvement makes a big difference aesthetically, but more importantly, it can have a positive impact on your health.

Mercury from black and silver fillings has been proven to suppress the immune system. Mercury escapes from the filling in the form of a vapor that is absorbed directly into the brain; it is absorbed at a rate of 80 percent into the lungs and arterial blood. This toxic vapor escapes constantly from fillings, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The rate of mercury vaporization increases when black and silver amalgam fillings are stimulated by hot liquids, chewing and brushing your teeth. Mercury that leaks from the fillings is also stored pre-natally in a pregnant woman’s developing fetus and post-natally in the mother’s breast milk.

If you have old or new mercury fillings, you should know that you may not necessarily experience any symptoms. But because mercury toxicity is a cumulative toxicity and can store itself in many tissues of the body for years, it is possible that your fillings may be the cause of chronic issues that have affected you for a long time.

If you or someone you know has black or silver metal amalgam fillings, please contact us at 541-382-6565 today for an appointment to discuss replacing those fillings with better-performing white resin composite fillings made of healthier materials.