A Dentist For The Whole Family!


Are you in need of a dentist that you can take your entire family to see in Bend, OR? WE take great pride in the fact that we can provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to every single one of our clients! Whether it's explaining the importance of brushing your teeth for the first time to our youngest clients, or becoming a resource to adults with information on how to keep you and your family's teeth clean and healthy for a lifetime. 

While nothing can replace the strength and quality of a natural tooth structure, they do have to be replaced from time to time. At Distinctive Dentistry we are very selective and use only materials that mimic an actual tooth in every way possible. Our goal is to be sure that the re-created structure will look, feel, wear, and last like the real thing, every time.

There is no age restriction when it comes to dental care. We are happy to see and provide the best care possible to all of our clients from age 3 to 93 at Distinctive Dentistry of Bend Oregon. For exceptional dentistry no matter what your stage in life, you can count on us.

Dr. Mingus is proud to offer a wide range of services, for more information see our complete list of dental services offered in Bend OR.

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