Orthodontic Advances



Neuromuscular Orthodontics is treatment to accommodate the teeth that helps keep the airway from being compromised. With Neuromuscular Orthodontics planning, the focus is on the entire chewing system as a whole.

When the airway, joints and the muscles that operate the jaw are made to work together as they naturally should, patients no longer have to worry about a crooked smile or an uncomfortable chewing posture. Instead of painful intrusive extractions of baby teeth to alleviate over-crowding, the jaw itself is developed for the comfort of the teeth.  The same goes for permanent, or "adult", teeth, rather then removing them to create room, room is created for them. (Wisdom teeth are not included in this equation and are dealt with in a separate manner.)


Early Treatment Is Key To Advancement!

With early treatment it is possible to gain the best results in the shortest amount of time. It can be a burden on both the child and the parent for them to have to have braces for a longer period of time then is truly necessary! Mis-alligned teeth (Malocclusion) and abnormal development in the facial structure is a result of the way the tongue, teeth, and lips are held when they are naturally at rest.

At Distinctive Dentistry of Bend we won't use headgear to realign upper teeth due to the fact that it is not the upper teeth that need to be directed or adjusted most of the time. It is in fact the lower teeth that are causing the upper teeth to seem as though they are too far forward and need to be pushed back with the use of headgear. 

In order to prevent future issues, it is vital that issues are addressed in a child before their permanent teeth form. It is however true that adults can experience improved airway and facial balance re-opening and replacing teeth. This often leads to the elimination of TMJ or Headache conditions. 

Through the establishment of natural nasal breathing we can help with oral mis-alignment and avoid future further orthodontic issues by supporting proper dental and facial development.

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