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You Deserve A Priceless Smile!

Test drive your new smile before you take it home!  Your smile is one of the first things a person notices, a smile is the catalyst to first impressions... 

Smiles open doors to love, careers, happiness & sharing through the confidence that you deserve to have!  The many benefits of smiling include increased healthy immune system function, smiles are contagious, & the fact that when you smile, it makes people want to be around you!  

Creating Beautiful Life Changing Smiles In Bend Or.

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We also improve airway & posture as well as bring a stunning memorable smile to the life that you deserve!  Cosmetic Dentistry for Central Oregon by Distinctive Dentistry of Bend!

Rejuvenate your appearance, elevate your confidence & attract the life you want!  

Smile makeovers of course focus on your smile aesthetics however Dr. Kelley and his team also make sure that your gums and your mouth as a whole system are where you need them to be.  

Our highly trained and experienced team customizes our approach to your goals, your smile, your happiness... 

Dr. Kelley and his team are proud to be the leading specialists in cosmetic dentistry, restoration, replacement & smile makeover techniques. Dr. Kelley has accomplished 20 times the amount of continued education most cosmetic dentists achieve to stay on the cutting edge in bringing your smile into the place you deserve.  

Smile Makeover Bend Oregon Dentist Cosmetic Dentistry Healthy Teeth

During your complimentary session we will... 

  • Discover your smile goals
  • Let you test drive your smile
  • Present your options
  • And start the comfortable & beautiful process of discovering your new smile!

Each Smile Makeover deserves a customized approach to fit our client's needs, to bring you your desires inside of an affordable Smile Makeover package!

Compassionate Treatment, Offering:  

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Crowns

Teeth Straightening

Dental Bonding

Gum Recession Treatment

Teeth Whitening