Things You Didn't Know About Your Smile:

We have all heard the saying “It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile!” But did you know that Science has actually proven that on average it takes approximately 12 muscles to smile and about 11 to frown? What else don’t you know about the only true Universal expression in our world? We decided to bring you some fun facts about your smile to enrich your trivial knowledge and impress the next crowd you find yourself in :-)

  • Smiling Is Not A “Learned Behavior” -  Incredibly enough, smiling is a reflex action that begins as soon as we are born. While it does take 4-6 weeks for us to consciously begin using our smiles, we instinctively know how to smile while we sleep, starting with our very first nap.


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  • Of 19 Different “Types” Of Smiles, Only 6 Are Used To Display Happiness - In an experiment performed at the University Of Minnesota by Grad Student Carney Landis in 1924, he was able to define 19 distinguishable categories for various types of smiles. His studies would be so detailed that they are still used today to analyze smiles in various situations. Less than half of all “smiley” expressions are displayed with genuine happiness, but are instead used to cover up emotions that we find not so pleasant, such as fear, disgust, or anger. So next time you flash a grin at someone, ask yourself, is it really because you’re feeling happy inside? Or are you an unsuspecting master of disguising emotion?

  • Even If You Can’t See Someone Smiling, You Can Hear It - Have you ever noticed that every tele-communicator that has ever called you always sounds like they are having the best day ever? This is because sales reps are taught to always smile whenever they are on the phone with someone. That’s right, smiling translates into your tone of voice, making you seem more trustworthy and engaging, no matter what you are trying to sell :-P So next time you ask someone for something, try keeping a smile on you face while you speak and see if it makes a difference in the reaction you get!


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