What Our Patients Say

Our patients are eager to tell the stories of how Dr. Mingus and his team helped them get out of pain and into greater health and wellness. We are committed to improving lives in the Bend area and we develop a personal, one-on-one relationship with each patient as part of our treatment.

Scott & Suzanne

Dr. Mingus treated both Scott and Suzanne for sleep apnea. About his sleep apnea treatment, Scott said, "My experience has been... it works! It‘s simple and it’s no more complex than brushing my teeth."


In a routine dental appointment, Katie mentioned to Dr. Mingus about the severe headaches she experienced. Katie said, "They tested my bite, took all kinds of measurements of my jaw and my head and immediately pinpointed where my headaches were coming from."


Erin’s TMJ became so bad her jaw was dislocating. After treatment for TMJ disorder with Epigenetic Orthodontics, Erin no longer has issues chewing, with jaw pain or headaches. Erin said, "Being in this office has been a really positive experience for me. I feel like family. I feel like I know everybody really well."

The Importance of Personalized Dental Care

Dr. Mingus’ and his team care for the Bend community’s dental, health and wellness needs with a thoroughly personalized approach to dentistry. Unlike a traditional break/fix approach to dentistry, Dr. Mingus and his team create a customized treatment plan for patients with the goal of creating long-term results. The only way to do this is to get to know the patient, their preferences and behaviors, the root causes of their pain, discomfort or dysfunction and their goals for a full health and wellness. The science behind Dr. Mingus’ treatments allows for profound and long-lasting results. So, we take great care to fully diagnose and understand the patient to create those results. Most of our patients will be quick to tell you about this personal and relationship-based aspect of treatment in our practice. This approach is a great fit for Bend and it enhances the experience of turning pain, sleep apnea and TMJ dysfunction around into lives full of health and wellness. We go on the journey to wellness with each patient and it’s extremely fulfilling.

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