Bright, White Smile

Brighten your teeth in an hour with Zoom! Whitening

Teeth Whitening

We receive frequent requests for teeth whitening. Age, certain foods and drinks, and the use of tobacco products can discolor or darken teeth. While there are several methods of whitening teeth, including over-the-counter solutions that requires days, weeks or months of application to whiten teeth, the fastest and most effective way is professional bleaching, which we offer at Distinctive Dentistry. In approximately a one-hour appointment, we can whiten your entire smile up to four to seven shades brighter. We use Zoom! Whitening, which is a nationally recognized brand of professional bleaching. The process is simple. We apply a whitening gel to your teeth and illuminate that gel with a specialized light source that further activates the whitening gel. Typically, in an hour, teeth are whitened to the desired level of brightness.

Some patients experience some minor sensitivity during in-office teeth whitening. For those who have tooth sensitivity issues or wish to bleach their teeth over time, we offer more traditional techniques for whitening, as well.

If you are interested in whitening your teeth, please call us at 541-382-6565.