Straight, Healthy Teeth

Braces for Teens and Adults

Tooth Colored Braces

Many people seek out orthodontic treatment, or braces, for aesthetic reasons, but there is much more to consider when it’s time for braces. Proper realignment of your teeth can drastically reduce your chance of dental decay and tooth loss, and will help maintain balance and comfort within the structure of your face. Before the process of moving teeth begins, it’s important to consider the skeletal structure, examine the workings of the jaw joint and assure that straightening and moving teeth is not disruptive to current and future health and wellness.

Adult braces are common, and many young people receive orthodontic care in their pre-teen or teenage years once all the permanent teeth grow in. We offer the option of tooth-colored braces to minimize the look of the braces on your teeth; this is a popular choice as the orthodontic experience often lasts months or more than a year.

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