Tooth Colored Fillings

White resin fillings are safer and more durable.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Today’s standard of care for fillings includes using a white resin composite for fillings. In previous generations, most dentists used a black or silver metal amalgam substance for fillings. Invented in the 1830s, metal amalgam was the best filling technology for its time, but today, modern dentistry recognizes the health and functional problems of that approach. Over the past several decades, most dentists have moved to white resin composite fillings, but there are still many black and silver amalgam fillings out there. If you have one, we recommend replacing it with a simple filling replacement procedure.

The problems associated with black and silver amalgam fillings include leaking mercury into your body, as well as cracking and breaking with extended use. Mercury is a toxic component in black and silver amalgam fillings; in fact, the Oregon Health Department requires that all dental offices in Oregon have a mercury separation device to collect all mercury in our suction devices. We take this seriously and recommend removing black and silver amalgam fillings simply on the basis of the mercury used.

If you or someone you know has black or silver metal amalgam fillings, please contact us at 541-382-6565 today for an appointment to discuss replacing those fillings with better-performing white resin composite fillings made of healthier materials.