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7 Dangerous Facts About Vaping And Oral Health

Whether you’re a cigarette smoker looking for an “easier” or “safer” way to quit smoking or you simply prefer vaping to other methods of tobacco inhalation, vaping has become a popular vice.

In fact, according to the CDC, as of 2018, over 14 percent of adults had at least tried vaping, while about 57 percent of people trying to quit smoking had tried vaping as a cessation aid.

But while many think grabbing a vape is safer than smoking, it simply isn’t true. Here’s why.

1.) Mouth Sores

Nobody wants mouth sores. Even the name sounds painful and unappealing. But unfortunately, when you vape, you are vulnerable to mouth sores, because the chemicals in vape fluid can damage the soft tissue in your mouth, causing painful mouth ulcers that only get worse the more you vape.

2.) Addiction

While vape fluid can contain less nicotine than cigarettes, it can still be addictive because it’s full of addictive chemicals. That being said, many people think vaping has fewer chemicals than smoking, but it can actually contain more chemicals than traditional smoking. This is because the ingredients in vape fluids are largely unregulated. Thus, it can actually be more addictive than smoking, and if you’re trying to quit smoking, you could just be making the problem worse.

3.) Bad Breath

Much like smoking, vaping can cause bad breath, which nobody wants. This is because the chemicals in vape fluid can dry out the mouth, causing a lack of saliva. When your mouth does not have enough saliva, it is difficult to rinse away bacteria, food particles and plaque on the teeth, leaving behind an unpleasant odor.

4.) Dry Mouth

As we mentioned above, in addition to causing bad breath, vaping can also cause dry mouth. Dry mouth can unfortunately contribute to cavities, because there is not enough saliva to balance out the oral microbiome or wash away those pesky bacteria and food particles that might cling to the teeth.

5.) Receding Gums and Lost Teeth

When you vape, your gum tissue can recede, revealing yellow lines of enamel that are unsightly and dangerous. When the roots of your teeth are exposed, it can allow more bacteria into the gums, causing periodontal disease or gingivitis. It can also cause cavities.

What’s more, because vaping can cause you to lose gum tissue, you’re in danger of losing teeth.

6.) Discolored Teeth

Just because there’s no smoke when you vape doesn’t mean your teeth are in the clear, so to speak. Vape fluid can still cause staining of the teeth, because it coats the teeth, making you look older and dulling your beautiful smile. If you are a former smoker or vaper and have permanent staining, a solution from Dr. Mingus could include custom veneers to cover any discoloration that won’t go away with brushing alone.

Another interesting fact is that vapor from vaping fluid can also coat your home with a dangerous film. In studies, it has been found on walls, carpets and furniture, causing a second-hand smoke effect. This means your vaping could be ruining your home or putting your pets and family in danger.

7.) Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a serious and even deadly condition that can occur from smoking and vaping. This is because when you vape, you keep your gums in a state of constant inflammation. This inflammation, combined with the metals, chemicals and heat of vaping fluid, can agitate your soft tissue, increasing your odds of developing oral cancer.

Vaping Solutions

If you vape, don’t listen to those who tell you it is safe or safer than smoking. The truth is, vaping is just as dangerous if not more dangerous than smoking, and it can really do a number on your oral health and your teeth.

If you are looking for ways to repair the damage from vaping or smoking, speak to Dr. Mingus about total mouth reconstruction. With many solutions, including veneers, crowns and orthodontics, Dr. Mingus can help repair any cosmetic damage caused by smoking or vaping.

To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, please contact the office today!