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Michael | Porcelain Veneers

Michael’s Story Michael works remotely and has video interactions with […]

Michael’s Story

Michael works remotely and has video interactions with people on a daily basis. He was walking through life with gaps in his teeth and didn’t feel as confident as he wanted to when talking with others. Every day seeing himself on the screen was a reminder of a smile he would like to see refined.

After researching online and receiving recommendations from family members, he began consulting with Dr. Kelley Mingus about improving his smile. His main goal was to feel more professional on camera.

“Talking to Kelley about the procedure was great, Michael said. He answered all of my questions. He removed all of my concerns. He was attentive to make sure I was comfortable in all situations. He didn’t make me question any part of it.”

Natural Look

Michael is not someone who is fixated on outward appearance, but he did want to be more presentable during his meetings. Kelley’s team took all of this into consideration when deciding on a treatment plan to address Michael’s concerns.

“We want to give you exactly what you’re looking for, patient concierge, Amber said. You want something that’s natural, or do you want something that’s a little bit more, I don’t know, Hollywood?”

Michael simply wanted a natural looking smile that made him feel good about himself. The team recommended full smile rehabilitation with porcelain veneers. The process Dr. Mingus uses for smile makeovers includes placing temporary veneers first so that they can be tweaked to exactly what the patient is looking for. 

Full Smile Rehabilitation

“At first, Michael felt things were too bright, and so he wanted to make sure that the shade was just right, Amber said. And so we made some adjustments there, and then when the final product was placed, it was perfect. He said that he couldn’t have imagined a better outcome. We want to give you exactly what you want, so there’s lots of fine tuning that goes into it.”

Now when he’s working, Michael smiles big.

“I don’t feel as hesitant to keep my camera on, he said. I just generally feel like my appearance is much more presentable in those situations. And so I just think my comfort level has risen since I got the new smile.”

Michael has noticed a different reaction to his smile post reconstruction both from his inner circle and work encounters.

“I mean, obviously, my wife likes it, he said with a grin. My friends have commented on it, that they notice my smile’s bigger, just looks better, just an appearance. And so, yeah, I think the people closest to me have made comments and recognize that my smile looks much better than it did.”

In full mouth rehabilitation cases, Dr. Mingus is able to address both aesthetic concerns and healthy bite structure at the same time.

“He wanted a solution, Amber said. He wanted to look good for himself, to feel good about himself, not to appear, showy or vain. People do this for themselves, not for anybody else. I think it’s important for people to understand that this treatment is for yourself, to feel good about yourself, to be healthy, that that’s where the value is awesome.”

Confident Smile

Without gaps in his teeth, Michael noticed another surprising benefit of his veneers. “I’m not having to brush or floss as hard as I used to, he said. I just don’t get as much food stuck in my teeth anymore.”

“I’d probably recommend Kelley just for the general experience, Michael said. He was really attentive to my comfort levels, making sure the entire process was comfortable, that he made sure that I was confident in the decision that I was making. He answered any questions. His staff was very helpful. I just think they made it a very comfortable experience to go through.”

Amber was excited to see a change in Michael’s demeanor. “You could tell that he stood a little taller, that he definitely smiled more, she said. He lost the beard. Yeah, he’s just smiling a lot. How you feel on the inside should be showing on the outside, and that’s what we’re here for.”

Ready to feel like Michael?