Full Mouth Rehabilitation

We can restore both the health and beauty to a severely damaged mouth

Jayne’s All-New Smile


Misaligned jaw joints, missing teeth

Symptoms: Jaw dysfunction, broken teeth, difficulty chewing and swallowing

Treatment: Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Jayne admits she came to Dr. Mingus in “pretty bad shape.” Her bite was so bad, two different surgeons told her the only way she could chew or bite would be to have two jaw surgeries. Dr. Mingus helped Jayne restore a beautiful, healthy smile without surgery. The process began by building a new bite for Jayne. This process was assisted by an orthotic that helped establish a healthy bite for her. Once her bite was established, Dr. Mingus could rehabilitate Jayne’s bite and smile and eliminate the root causes of Jayne’s problems.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

While the patient who requires a full mouth rehabilitation is suffering, their condition also offers an opportunity to start over and build a healthy, well-structured, beautiful smile that leads to enhanced wellness. Regardless of the circumstances that cause the need for full mouth rehabilitation, the initial consultation must be comprehensive. This is why few dentists are well qualified to perform a full mouth rehabilitation.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

For patients with the extreme need for full mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Mingus begins by making sure the jaw and airway are properly formed. If facial growth treatment is needed to form a strong, healthy bone structure before starting implants, neuromuscular treatment, or porcelain crowns or veneers, that step must come first. As the patient has a chance to start over in their mouth, Dr. Mingus makes sure the foundation is solid and well placed.

Then, depending on the patient’s needs, Dr. Mingus begins to recreate the smile, assuring with neuromuscular principles that the teeth support the optimal jaw alignment. Doing this eliminates temporomandibular joint disorder issues.

Some full mouth rehabilitation patients require dental implants to replace missing teeth. Many will require porcelain crowns and cosmetic veneers to restore teeth. These procedures require the skills of a professional with years of training and experience, and they are enhanced by using the latest technologies. Dr. Mingus and his team are highly trained and qualified to design a full mouth of crowns and veneers for ideal function and aesthetics.

At the completion of a full mouth rehabilitation, patients are frequently overjoyed to go from unattractive and often painful teeth and smiles to healthy, happy smiles that are highly aesthetically pleasing. The transformation is life-changing, and the patient gets a second chance to smile and care for healthy teeth.

Are you interested in a consultation for a full mouth rehabilitation? We can restore the health and beauty of your smile. Please call us for more information at 541-382-6565.