Breathe Easier at Night

Facial Growth Treatment Opens Your Airway to Full Capacity

Scott & Suzanne

Scott and Suzanne

Sleep Apnea

Symptoms: Migraines, grinding teeth, snoring

Treatment: Oral Appliance

Scott’s snoring and restless sleep caused Suzanne to wake up throughout the night. She spent years relocating to a sofa in another room just to get some sleep. Meanwhile, Scott suffered through oxygen-deprived nights because of sleep apnea. Dr. Mingus treated Scott with an oral appliance that repositioned his jaw at night, making sure his tongue was no longer an airway obstruction. This resulted in quiet nights and restful sleep. Suzanne also underwent treatment for sleep apnea and found immediate results. Now, both sleep restfully thanks to Dr. Mingus’ sleep apnea treatment.

Eliminate Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea restricts breathing while sleeping, causing a wide range of dangerous and life-threatening symptoms. Sleep apnea contributes to hypertension, diabetes, weight gain and other systemic conditions, as well as affecting your emotional and mental faculties. Low oxygen intake (or hypoxia) throughout the night causes a person to not sleep restfully and the brain is deprived of oxygen. Generally, with sleep apnea, the body works through the night to survive instead of resting and regenerating. Sleep apnea creates unhealthy conditions that affect the body, productivity and relationships.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

With Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), the tongue falls back into the airway, obstructing airflow. In people with underdeveloped jaws, this occurs because there is not enough room for the tongue in the mouth. In these cases, the underdeveloped jaw has caused an underdeveloped airway. Dr. Mingus’s Facial Growth treatments grow the jaw to its full potential, making room for the tongue so it does not obstruct the airway at night. This is how Facial Growth and Epigenetic Dentistry can eliminate Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

The primary treatment on the market for decades has been CPAP, an apparatus worn at night over the mouth that forces air past the tongue obstruction. Loud and uncomfortable, CPAP is not an ideal solution for many patients. Dentists can develop and prescribe a mouth appliance or orthotic, which is an alternative treatment to hold the jaw in position, allowing for the tongue a place to rest out of the airway. Dr. Mingus’ Facial Growth treatment performs the same function as the orthotic, only on a permanent basis. By growing the jaw to its full genetic potential and developing the airway fully, the tongue rests out of the way, allowing for free breathing at night.

CPAP Alternative

The most obvious sign of sleep apnea is snoring. If a child or an adult is a chronic snorer, they should be tested for sleep apnea. They should be evaluated for Facial Growth treatment. One of the factors that contributes to an underdeveloped jaw is a pattern of mouth breathing. This can begin at a young age. Left untreated, mouth breathing can contribute to an underdeveloped jaw and airway. Thus, early intervention has many advantages.

Your tongue should be on the roof of your mouth 90% of the day with your lips sealed. Otherwise, you are showing signs of an underdeveloped jaw.