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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Reclaim the quality of your sleep and transform your well-being with our innovative facial growth treatment, offering a permanent solution to eliminate obstructive sleep apnea.

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Sleep Apnea: Reclaim Healthy Sleep and Vitality

Sleep apnea poses a significant threat to your well-being, impacting your body, productivity, and relationships. By restricting breathing during sleep, it leads to a range of dangerous and potentially life-threatening symptoms. Furthermore, sleep apnea contributes to hypertension, diabetes, weight gain, and other systemic conditions, while also affecting your emotional and mental faculties. The lack of restful sleep and diminished oxygen intake (hypoxia) throughout the night not only disrupts your sleep patterns but also deprives your brain of vital oxygen. Rather than resting and regenerating, your body is engaged in a constant struggle for survival. This unhealthy condition caused by sleep apnea extends its reach beyond your physical health, permeating into various aspects of your life.

CPAP Alternative: Embrace Effective Solutions

One of the most prominent indicators of sleep apnea is chronic snoring. If you or your child experiences persistent snoring, it is crucial to undergo testing for sleep apnea. In the case of underdeveloped jaws, a pattern of mouth breathing may be contributing to the problem, often starting at a young age. Recognizing and addressing this issue early on can yield numerous benefits.

For decades, the primary treatment for sleep apnea has been continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), which involves wearing a device over the mouth to facilitate unobstructed airflow. However, CPAP can be loud and uncomfortable, making it less than ideal for many patients. Fortunately, dentists can offer an alternative solution in the form of a custom mouth appliance or orthotic. These devices hold the jaw in a favorable position, allowing the tongue to rest comfortably outside the airway. Dr. Mingus’s innovative Facial Growth treatment achieves the same objective as the orthotic but on a permanent basis. By promoting the natural growth of the jaw to its full genetic potential and fully developing the airway, Facial Growth treatment ensures that the tongue remains clear of the airway during sleep, facilitating unimpeded breathing.

Eliminating Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Facial Growth

In the case of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the tongue falls back into the airway, obstructing the flow of air. Individuals with underdeveloped jaws face this issue due to insufficient space for the tongue within the mouth. Consequently, an underdeveloped jaw leads to an underdeveloped airway. Dr. Mingus’s Facial Growth treatments are designed to unlock the full potential of the jaw, creating ample room for the tongue to rest comfortably without obstructing the airway during sleep. This remarkable approach, combined with the principles of Epigenetic Dentistry, offers a path towards eliminating obstructive sleep apnea and restoring healthy sleep patterns.

Discover the transformative power of facial growth treatment and experience the joy of rejuvenating sleep and improved well-being. Take the first step towards eliminating obstructive sleep apnea by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Mingus and his dedicated team today.


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