Healthy Function and Beautiful Aesthetics

Epigenetic Orthodontics builds a solid, natural jaw and airway structure on which we can give you straight, beautiful teeth


TMJ Disorder

Dislocated jaw, TMJ symptoms, Inability to chew all foods

Epigenetic Orthodontics

Erin‘s jaw began dislocating, and she was avoiding certain foods because her jaw was not working properly. Dr. Mingus was able to help Erin without surgery using epigenetic orthodontics. The first step was to stabilize Erin’s bite, which was done with orthotics. In the next step, Dr. Mingus used braces on Erin’s upper teeth to move them into position for her new, healthier bite. Following the use of braces on her lower teeth, Erin’s new bite has eliminated her jaw problems. She says she smiles more, is free of TMJD problems and greatly appreciates the patient, steady treatment she received from Dr. Mingus and his team.


TMJ disorder

Clicking, popping jaw joint, severe jaw pain

Epigenetic orthodontics

Jesse had been told by several doctors that surgery was the only option to correct the persistent issues and chronic pain in his jaw joints. He visited Dr. Mingus for temporomandibular joint disorder treatment and was impressed with the practice’s use of technology to diagnose his condition and measure the progress toward success. Jesse underwent orthodontic treatment designed to reposition his jaw to relieve the stress in the TMJ, and Jesse is now pain-free.


TMJ disorder

Chronic severe migraine headaches

Epigenetic Orthodontics

Jessica had suffered from severe migraine headaches for more than 20 years. Until she brought her issue to Dr. Mingus, she had spent years treating the condition, with doctors prescribing pain medications but not addressing the cause of the headaches. Dr. Mingus’ analysis of Jessica’s condition revealed the need to reposition her jaw to relieve the root cause of her headaches. The bite was corrected using an orthotic, creating a foundation for orthodontics that will permanently correct Jessica’s bite and relieve the causes of her headaches.

Moving the jaw forward opens up the airway. This is one of the first steps in CPR and it is the same principle used in Epigenetic Dentistry to open the airway.

The Epigenetic Approach

The Epigenetic approach to orthodontics has many benefits beyond simply straightening teeth. Most notably, the teeth are place in the best position to support the day-to-day use of one of the body’s most active joints: the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). Re-aligning teeth without considering the impact on the TMJ joint could begin the type of irritation that leads to TMJ Disorder. It is also possible to make an emerging TMJD condition worse by moving teeth or altering the bite. For the prevention of TMJ Disorder, it is best to understand jaw placement first.

Expanding the jaw with Facial Growth treatments also lengthens the lower face to its full genetic potential, causing a shorter face to lengthen. This creates a more aesthetically -pleasing proportion to the face, as intended by your genetic makeup. Patients who undergo Facial Growth treatment experience the effects of a non-surgical face lift. Following the completion of the orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth, both enhanced facial beauty and a cosmetically-enhanced smile are a common result.

Adult Epigenetic Orthodontics

Most of us have grown up thinking, when your teeth are not straight, get braces. Now, with an understanding of Epigenetic Dentistry, we understand that the crowded or crooked teeth is caused by an underdeveloped jaw. Our genetic instructions are for straight teeth, so when we see crooked teeth, that’s a sign that we must grow the jaw to full potential before straightening the teeth. So, with Epigenetic Orthodontics, we focus on the full growth and placement of the jaw before straightening teeth.

Children and Epigenetic Orthodontics

Many factors can lead to an underdeveloped jaw including diet, allergies as a child environment and factors of a modern lifestyle. With Facial Growth treatment, Dr. Mingus can stimulate your jaw to grow to its full genetic potential with a painless appliance. After guiding the process using advanced measurements tools, the teeth can be straightened on the most healthy, best functioning jawbone.

How you were fed as a baby has an impact on the development of your jawbone, affecting your jaw joint, how crowded your teeth are and your airway development.

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