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First Visit

From the moment you walk into our practice for the first time, you will know Dr. Mingus and his team welcome you to a unique dental care experience. Our entire practice is built around understanding our patients’ unique circumstances, symptoms and desires so we can create a fully-customized experience and solution for each individual.

The Why

We operate outside the traditional model of dentistry, focusing on the cause of issues before trying to fix what is broken. This diagnostic time when we focus on the “Why” allows us to discover the source and causes of the dental, TMJ, sleep apnea or pain issues before a significant investment is made. Thus, every patient receives a personalized treatment plan.

Personalized Treatment

Our treatment plans are customized to each patient. Crooked teeth, underdeveloped airways and TMJ pain are indications of underdeveloped jaw growth. We grow the bone to its full genetic potential, then place the teeth where they were intended to go. This approach opens the airway, improves head posture and offers the cosmetic effect of straight, beautiful teeth.

Once you have scheduled your appointment, please begin that journey here by completing your New Patient Form at the provided link. When you arrive for your appointment, we will be ready for you and can get started right away learning about your needs and desires for dental care.









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