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Dr. Mingus offers patients leading edge, non-surgical facial growth treatment that affects health and wellness throughout the body and improves facial and smile aesthetics. He does this using an emerging science called Epigentics, which means expressing your genes for full development.

Why Our Practice is Different.

The Why

We operate outside the traditional model of dentisty, focusing on the cause of issues before trying to fix what is broken.  This diagnostic time when we focus on the “Why” allows us to discover the source and causes of the dental, TMJ, sleep apnea or pain issues before a significant investment is made.  Thus, every patient receives a personalized treatment plan.              

Personalized Treatment

Our treatment plans are customized to each patient. Crooked teeth, underdeveloped airways and TMJ pain are indications of underdeveloped jaw growth. We have the ability to grow the upper jaw to its full genetic potential, then place the teeth where they were intended to go. This approach opens the airway, improves head posture and offers the cosmetic effect of straight, beautiful teeth.

Goal of Treatment

The goal of our treatment plans is to eliminate the patient’s need for ongoing care. That can mean getting a patient out of chronic pain, eliminating obstructive sleep apnea or designing a cosmetically-enhanced smile. We listen to your needs and wants, then we use the latest applicable technologies to measure the solution needed. Using objective data, we make a personalized plan for a long-term solution.


Sleep Apnea

We offer a full range of dental services that improve health, wellness and beauty. We begin by assuring that the foundation for your smile and airway are solid and healthy. This approach eliminates chronic TMJ pain and the risk of obstructive sleep apnea from an underdeveloped airway. With a strong, healthy foundation, we can develop the aesthetically beautiful smile we all want. Whether you choose orthodontics to straighten teeth, veneers for a cosmetically enhanced smile or if you require a full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Mingus and his team are experienced, well-trained and ready to help you. Questions on how we can help you? Please contact us here or call (541) 382-6565.

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