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Our patients are eager to tell the stories of how Dr. Mingus and his team helped them get out of pain and into greater health and wellness. We are committed to improving lives in the Bend area and we develop a personal, one-on-one relationship with each patient as part of our treatment.








Dr. Kelley Mingus

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We appreciate your interest in our dental practice. You have probably noticed we want to set the standard for how dentistry should be practiced. When you visit our office you will find a unique and relaxing environment. All of our treatment is designed to be painless, permanent and to exceed all of your expectations. We use state of the art technology and the most advanced techniques our industry has to offer. It is for these simple reasons that we believe our dental practice provides "Exceptional Dentistry". Our biggest strength lies not in what you see, but in how you are treated.

Aesthetic Dentistry


We use the best materials and techniques available to get the very best result. May dentists claim to offer "cosmetic services" but we have taken it to new level. Dr. Mingus has completed numerous courses in cosmetic and functional dentistry.

Functional Dentistry

Pain Free

When we perform functional dentistry, we are improving a patient's bite, improving the way the muscles and joints work together and providing proper aesthetics through the bite relationship. A more functional bite can improve your appearance, remove wrinkles and make you look 10 years younger.

"I feel like I'm smiling more, I want my son to see his mom be happy. And we mirror each other's facial expressions, and he's learning about emotions. I want him to see his mom happy and smiling"

- Rebecca

"After my first appointment, I immediately knew this was somebody I had been looking for."

- Marva

"The guy is an actual genius, she said. I've never seen cosmetic work in 40 years in dentistry to the level of perfection that he creates."

- Janet

"My friends have commented on it, that they notice my smile's bigger, just looks better"

- Michael

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