Transformation Stories

The description depicts a woman experiencing a smile transformation and gaining confidence while sitting on a couch in a hotel room during her journey.

Kenzie’s Smile Transformation: A Journey to Confidence

Jane sitting on a couch in her living room.

Jane’s Journey: A Testament to Exceptional Dental Care

A man with a beard is smiling in front of a river in Bend, Oregon.

Michael | Porcelain Veneers

A woman is walking down a path with a stroller.

Rebecca | Smile Makeover

Michael’s story is about his decision to undergo a dental procedure to improve his smile using veneers. He discusses his motivations for seeking this improvement, his experience with the procedure, his interactions with Dr. Mingus and the dental office staff, the positive changes he noticed in his smile and confidence, and how the transformation has affected his daily life and interactions.

Rebecca’s story revolves around her decision to have veneers placed to transform her smile. An avid outdoors enthusiast, Rebecca wanted to enhance her appearance for professional purposes while maintaining her active lifestyle. Dr. Mingus’ expertise and personalized approach helped her achieve the smile she desired. Through the process of checks, adjustments, and the final placement of veneers, Rebecca gained not only a more appealing smile but also increased confidence, making her interactions and work-related activities more enjoyable.

Janet narrates her experience of undergoing a dental facelift procedure with Dr. Mingus. She discusses her dental history, including challenges with implants and bridges, and how her teeth were affecting her overall appearance and confidence. Facing health issues due to cancer treatment, Janet’s dental concerns added to her challenges. Dr. Mingus restored her smile with crowns and veneers, alleviating her pain and enhancing her appearance. Janet’s renewed confidence has led to a more active social life and a sense of vibrancy.

Marva shares her journey of seeking dental treatment to address gaps in her teeth and improve her smile. After a lifetime of various dental procedures and dealing with TMJ issues, she decided to undergo a comprehensive process that included TMJ splint therapy and getting new veneers. The transformation not only enhanced her smile but also brought significant improvements to her sleep, eating comfort, and overall confidence. Marva appreciates the welcoming atmosphere of Dr. Mingus’ office and the personalized care she received throughout the process.