Ready for an All-New Smile?

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Jayne’s All-New Smile


Misaligned jaw joints, missing teeth

Symptoms: Jaw dysfunction, broken teeth, difficulty chewing and swallowing

Treatment: Smile Makeover

Jayne admits she came to Dr. Mingus in “pretty bad shape.” Her bite was so bad, two different surgeons told her the only way she could chew or bite would be to have two jaw surgeries. Dr. Mingus helped Jayne restore a beautiful, healthy smile without surgery. The process began by building a new bite for Jayne. This process was assisted by an orthotic that helped establish a healthy bite for her. Once her bite was established, Dr. Mingus could rehabilitate Jayne’s bite and smile and eliminate the root causes of Jayne’s problems.

Smile Makeover

We get questions about cosmetic dentistry every day. What can we do? Can you make my teeth brighter? Straighter? Better proportioned? Can you give me the smile I’ve always wanted? The answer is yes; we can do all of that. But each cosmetic dentistry patient has different wants and needs. So, we spend time with each to determine the best cosmetic dentistry choices that also align with health and wellness goals.

Smile Makeover

In the case of a smile makeover, we may perform several procedures to create the ideal smile. We may use facial growth technology to simulate a non-surgical face-lift to extend the lower part of the face for a more pleasing aesthetic. We may use porcelain veneers to design, brighten and build an enhanced smile with better aesthetic proportions. We may perform gum-reduction treatments to improve the presentation of the teeth. We may whiten the teeth to improve the brightness of the smile. We may remove black fillings or place a dental implant to fill in missing or damaged teeth. Depending on the individual patient’s cosmetic treatment plan, we have multiple treatments and procedures to complete the overall goals.

In each case, we consider your health and wellness first. Cosmetic dental work should be done on a firm, healthy foundation that we keep in place for your long-term health.

If you are interested in a consultation for a smile makeover, please call us at 541-382-6565.