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Braces-Friendly Foods at Bend’s Food Festivals: What to Enjoy Without Worry

Braces and food don’t always get along—especially when it comes to enjoying special events like Bend’s food festivals. Eager to sample the city’s finest culinary fare, but afraid you’ll have to stick to a meals-on-wheels approach to avoid the sticky, chewy, and crunchy treats? Fear not. We’ve rounded up a list of braces-friendly foods at Bend’s food festivals to satisfy every craving, while ensuring you’ll avoid any embarrassing surprises and keep that straight smile it its perfect form.

1. Kebobs and Skewers

Most Bend food festivals feature a variety of kebobs and skewers. These options are perfect for braces-wearers! After enjoying your mouth-watering skewer, make sure to thoroughly brush your teeth immediately after eating. This will help you remove any food particles and keep your braces clean. Plus, you’ll leave the festival with no leftover pesky food particles that can sway into the wrong spot.

2. Roasted Veggies

Roasted vegetables are a delicious, braces-friendly option at Bend’s food festivals. Create a plate full of colorful veggies—think bell peppers, carrots, zucchini, and eggplant. These roasted vegetables are great for your braces because they won’t stick in the appliance and make it harder to keep food particles from building up. Make sure to eat these in moderation, as they contain a lot of fiber and can start to scratch and wear on the braces if you enjoy them too frequently.

3. Soft Cheeses and Crackers

Soften your braces gear by enjoying some soft cheeses with your favorite crackers. Look for Brie, chevre, havarti, or mozzarella for a creamy, delightful experience. Just make sure to carefully cut the cheese using smaller bites to avoid having to exert too much pressure on your braces. Enjoy with your favorite flavor-packed crackers for a trifecta of tasty fun.

4. Fried Foods

Who doesn’t love a good fried foods at Bend’s food festivals? Crispy, carnival-style delights like deep-fried pickles, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks are all great choices for braces. However, take caution in how crispy the outer layer is. The harder the crust, the more of a struggle it can be to chew, which could put a strain on the braces. To avoid this problem, look for dishes with lighter breading that crumbles and doesn’t result in any tough bits to get stuck in the appliance.

5. Soft Desserts and Treats

Satisfy your sweet tooth and braces at the same time by enjoying Bend’s food festivals selection of soft desserts and treats. Look for airy cupcakes, jello, yogurt, and pudding to soothe your cravings without risking any damage to your braces. Remember that moderation is key; sugary treats can stick on braces and cause bacteria to build up more easily. Plus, opt for fruit-based treats and desserts that don’t contain as much sugar.

When it comes to food festivals in Bend don’t fear missing out due to your braces. Enjoy all of the culinary delights that the city has to offer by seeking out soft, braces-friendly options that won’t stick to your appliance. From kebobs and roasted veggies to fried foods and soft desserts, there’s plenty of food to enjoy and savor at Bend’s food festivals. All you need to remember is to brush your teeth, eat in moderation, and take care to avoid items with tough textures. With these tips in mind, you are ready to sample and savor all of the culinary treasures our city offers!


Bend’s food festivals don’t need an orthodontic interpretation to keep you satisfied. No need to second guess your food choices as there are a variety of soft, braces-friendly options available. Of course, moderation is key, and remember to thoroughly brush your teeth after a delicious festival treat. From kebobs and soft cheeses to fried foods and sweet treats, there are plenty of options to keep you satisfied without having to worry about your braces getting in the way. Enjoy!