It’s All Connected

Facial growth dentistry gets to the source of sleep apnea, TMJD, crowded teeth and underdeveloped aesthetics.

Growing the upper jaw creates more space for the tongue to rest naturally. This has a profound impact on your airway and your ability to breathe when you sleep. Learn more about how facial growth can eliminate the causes of sleep apnea here.

Clicking and popping in the jaw is an early sign of TMJ dysfunction. A healthy joint system does not click and pop. If your joint clicks or pops, facial growth dentistry can eliminate the jaw dysfunction before it becomes painful. Learn more here about TMJ dysfunction and how it is addressed with facial growth dentistry.

To help patients achieve a healthy, ideally developed jaw, mouth and airway, we want to know why the bone did not grow enough! Crowded teeth are a strong indication of an underdeveloped jaw, so we approach straightening teeth from a total health perspective. Learn more here about facial growth dentistry and orthodontics.

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