Do you feel young, but look older than your years? Does your face appear hollowed, sunken or drawn despite your age? These can be very common symptoms of missing or crooked teeth. If you are missing teeth, have crooked teeth, or have broken or chipped teeth, you could be prematurely aging yourself, and it may be time to consider a non-surgical face-lift from Dr. Mingus.

What Is a Non-Surgical Face-Lift?

When you hear the words “face lift,” you likely think of a painful and invasive procedure that pulls the skin of the face taut and smooths out wrinkles and sagging, loose skin. While these face-lifts can have beautiful results and can be well worth the investment, sometimes that level of intervention is simply not needed to make improvements to the appearance of the face. That’s where nonsurgical face-lifts come in.

A non-surgical face-lift is a procedure or series of procedures that lift sagging skin and fill in the hollowed-out appearance to the face that many people experience with age. It is not done by a plastic surgeon, but by Dr. Mingus.

How Is It Done?

A non-surgical face-lift is done by fixing the teeth! That’s right – simply by restoring missing teeth via bridge, partial, dentures or dental implants, you can literally improve the look of the entire face. That’s because, as we lose teeth, our face loses structure and volume, creating that sagging, hollowed-out look that many people experience with age. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With full-mouth reconstruction, or with dental prosthodontics, you can fill the face back out without the painful surgery.

Other Benefits

In addition to providing a healthier, more youthful appearance, a non-surgical makeover can often address another need: better oral health. Replacing missing teeth not only improves the smile, but can also often keep the rest of the teeth in alignment, preventing bite problems from developing. It can also prevent bone degradation where the missing teeth used to sit, maintaining the integrity of the jawbone.

If you are tired of looking tired and are ready to see what a non-surgical face-lift can do for you, contact Dr. Mingus at 541-382-6565.