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Orthodontic Solutions for Hiking Enthusiasts: Keeping Your Smile Aligned on Bend’s Trails

As a hiking enthusiast, Bend, Oregon offers a wealth of trails and wildflower-strewn landscapes to explore. With sights such as the Deschutes River and spectacular viewpoints like the Lava Butte Trailhead, it’s natural for a hiking enthusiast to want to smile every now and then. However, those who have braces or aligners may be self-conscious about their smiles, leading them to search for solutions to keeping their teeth aligned while enjoying and exploring the many beautiful hiking trails around Bend.

For those looking for orthodontic solutions to keep their smile aligned while hiking, there are a few options available, though all devices typically have some tradeoffs exchanged for comfort and visibility. Here, we’ll discuss some common options for orthodontic devices, as well as some unique solutions specifically geared towards hikers. Alongside this information, we’ll also offer some tips for minimizing discomfort, keeping devices clean while on long hikes, and overcoming obstacles that may otherwise make for challenging hiking excursions.

Braces, Aligners, and Other Orthodontic Devices

The most common orthodontic device used to align teeth is the traditional metal braces. These devices are affixed to the teeth, typically for a year or more, and are uncomfortable and highly visible. As such, they may not be the best option for those who require straightened teeth for an extended period of time and need discretion.

An alternative option to traditional braces is aligners. These devices are constructed from a series of clear plastic trays that fit over the teeth and are typically less noticeable. While aligners can achieve their desired effect in a shorter period of time compared to braces, the tradeoff is that they may offer less flexibility in terms of the size and shape of your teeth. Therefore, aligners are generally not recommended for those who require extensive teeth realignment.

For those who require a more balanced approach and need a greater degree of comfort, there are devices known as temporary orthodontic appliances. These devices are also clear, but can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing which is more convenient for hikers.

Unique Solutions for Hikers

While metal braces and aligners offer some tradeoffs in terms of comfort and visibility, there are additional devices that may be more suitable for hikers. In particular, an orthodontic device known as the Invisalign aligners is a popular option due to their design and functionality. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are removable and offer a clear and discreet appearance. As such, these devices are well-suited for hikers who enjoy being in the great outdoors while also needing the occasional break from their devices.

Tips for Hiking Enthusiasts

Once you’ve chosen the orthodontic device that you believe best suits you as a hiker, you can take some additional steps to ensure everyone smiles during your hiking excursions. When it comes to long hikes, a more flexible option like braces may not be the best option—Invisalign aligners are removable and can be kept in a container while walking on trails. In order to ensure their devices are kept clean and hygienic, hikers should also be proactive in keeping their devices away from dirt, bugs, and bacteria-prone areas.

In addition to keeping the devices clean and monitored while walking along trails, hikers should also be conscious of potential obstacles that can cause device discomfort. Due to the nature of the trails in Bend, hikers should be aware of possible falls and protective gear may be beneficial. While braces and aligners do offer some protection, hikers should also make sure their gear is securely fastened and have a first aid kit at the ready.


Hiking can be an incredibly rewarding experience, offering unique views and a great way to connect with nature. For individuals who require an orthodontic device in order to align their teeth, the prospect of going on a long hike may be daunting due to the devices’ visibility and potential discomfort. Fortunately, there are a plethora of orthodontic device options available, and unique solutions—such as the Invisalign aligners—which may be better suited for those who enjoy walking on trails. With a bit of research and preparation, hikers with orthodontic devices can enjoy a rewarding hiking experience while also keeping their smile aligned.