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Smile Aesthetics: How Dr. Mingus Balances Art and Dentistry

Art and dentistry both require a careful and skilled hand, but few people master the two disciplines as completely as Dr. Kelley Mingus. Dr. Mingus is a renowned cosmetic dentist who has dedicated his career to creating the most beautiful smiles imaginable. His patients refer to him as an artist as well a dentist, and it is for good reason. Dr. Mingus is always exploring new methods of creating beautiful smiles and integrating art into every aspect of his work.

Dr. Mingus specialises in smile aesthetic, a relatively new area of dentistry which focuses on improving the visual appearance of the teeth. Smile aesthetics involves the use of tools and techniques such as teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, and reshaping, to make teeth and smiles look more visually appealing. The goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing smile that is both natural looking and functional. To this end, Dr. Mingus combines his expert knowledge of dentistry with his artistic sensibilities to create stunning results.

Dr. Mingus first studied art in college, and he has never lost his passion for the subject. This has allowed him to approach his work in a unique way, using art as a guide when creating new smiles. Dr. Mingus is a master of colour, texture, and contrast, and he uses this knowledge when selecting any dental materials to be used during treatment. He carefully analyses each smile, taking in mind the patient’s ethnicity and natural features, to ensure the new smile suits their appearance beautifully.

Dr. Mingus’ Approach to Smile Aesthetics

Improving the appearance of a smile takes much more than tooth whitening and veneers. Dr. Mingus believes that every part of a smile can be enhanced, and he works tirelessly to create a treatment plan that will produce the most natural-looking results. Dr. Mingus begins by carefully analyzing the patient’s natural teeth and gums, identifying any areas of discolouration, irregularities, or asymmetry. Once he has confirmed the patient’s dental health, he will then discuss with them what their ideal smile would look like, before creating a tailored treatment plan.

The next step is selecting the right materials for the new smile. Dr. Mingus uses only the best dental materials available, choosing the most natural-looking and durable materials for each individual smile. He also uses a range of techniques, such as bonding, veneers, contouring, and reshaping, to create a harmonious and balanced look. With every treatment, Dr. Mingus takes great care to ensure that the patient’s new smile is a true reflection of their personality and natural beauty.

Dr. Mingus’ Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Mingus is not just renowned for his artistic and technical skills; he is also well-known for his commitment to excellence in every aspect of his work. Dr. Mingus’ practice is equipped with the most state-of-the-art technology and dental equipment, and his staff are all highly trained and well-versed in the latest techniques. Dr. Mingus also dedicates a great deal of time to continuing education, regularly attending seminars and courses to stay up to date with the most recent advances in smile aesthetic. This means that Dr. Mingus is always at the cutting edge of dentistry, allowing him to offer his patients the best possible treatments.

Dr. Mingus takes great care to ensure that every patient feels comfortable and at ease in his practice, providing a relaxing and welcoming environment. His team are always on hand to answer any questions or address any concerns, and they all go out of their way to make every patient feel special. This level of care and attention has earned Dr. Mingus the trust and admiration of all of his patients, and they have nothing but praise for him and his work.


Dr. Kelley Mingus is a dentist with a difference: a dentist who not only is an expert in dentistry, but also an artist. His unique combination of art and science has made him one of the most sought-after cosmetic dentists in the world, and he has become famous for his ability to create stunning and natural-looking smiles. Dr. Mingus is committed to excellence in every aspect of his work, from the choice of materials to the level of care and understanding he provides for his patients. If you are looking for a dentist who can help you create the perfect smile, look no further than Dr. Kelley Mingus.