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Smile Safely: Cosmetic Dentistry Considerations for Bend’s Outdoor Activities.

Are you planning a trip to Bend, Oregon, and want to make the most out of your smile? If so, then you should consider cosmetic dentistry. In Bend, there are plenty of fun outdoor activities to enjoy, so it’s important to keep your teeth safe while you practice them. This article will cover the different cosmetic dentistry options that will help you protect your teeth from damage while you participate in various outdoor activities. From teeth whitening solutions to enamel replacement, you will be able to find the treatment that best fits your needs.

Preventative Procedures for Outdoor Enthusiasts

When partaking in outdoor activities, it’s important to keep your teeth protected. Otherwise, damage from impacts or harsh elements could lead to cracking or breaking. To ensure the protection of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry offers several preventive measures, including sealing and bonding procedures that help fill in cavities or worn areas. The implementation of a fluoride treatment, combined with brushing and flossing at home, can make your teeth more resistant to damage.

Whitening Solutions for Your Glow-Up Adventures

From climbing the Smith Rock State Park to sailing on the Deschutes River, outdoor adventures offer plenty of memories. To make sure your smile stays picture-perfect, consider a teeth whitening treatment. Over time, your teeth may darken for various reasons, and whitening them can help refresh your smile’s natural glow. Cosmetic dentistry offers in-office or at-home solutions that will brighten your smile in an showstopping way.

Veneers & Resin Bonding Options

Are you looking to repair a chipped tooth from dirt bike camping, or fix a gap between your teeth? Veneers can help reshape and realign teeth, as well as restore decayed teeth to their natural appearance. For extra protection in outdoor environments, resin bonding provides a durable alternative to traditional fillings that makes your teeth stand out with a naturalistic look. It also helps improve the look of teeth that are damaged from experiencing the outdoors.

Enamel Replacement for Added Protection

Whether kayaking at Lookout Point Reservoir or hiking South Sister, participating in outdoor activities can expose your teeth to acid or abrasive elements. If these environmental features begin to damage your enamel, it can lead to sensitivity and further decay of the tooth. To prevent these issues, you may want to get an enamel replacement. This procedure helps to protect the underlying tissue of your tooth, allowing your enamel to have a higher resistance to damage.


Exploring the great outdoors in Bend is always a good idea, but it’s important to make sure you’re taking care of your teeth while you enjoy your adventures. Cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of options that can help protect your smile from damage, as well as prevent further problems when you do. Whether you’re looking to improve the look of your smile, or simply want added safeguarding for your teeth when you’re out and about, look into the different treatments. With a new smile, you’ll be happy to show off photos from your Bend outdoor activities with confidence.