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Veneers and Outdoor Sports: Keeping Your Smile Bright in Bend

Are you a sports enthusiast? Looking to keep your teeth picture-perfect while engaging in outdoor activities in Bend? You may want to consider veneers. These dental appliances allow individuals a beautiful, natural-looking smile while still pursuing active lifestyles. For patients in Bend who are interested in veneers, it’s essential to understand how they work and how outdoor activities can affect them.

Veneers are thin covers that are placed over the front surfaces of teeth to correct a variety of issues. These can include discoloration, chipped or damaged teeth, or gaps. Veneers are typically made from porcelain and mimic the natural look of teeth, making them nearly impossible to distinguish from the real thing. They can also be custom-made to match the natural color of an individual’s smile. Since veneers are cemented on, they are generally permanent and can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years with proper care and maintenance.

Outdoor Sports and Veneers in Bend

Bend, Oregon is one of the country’s top hotspots for outdoor activities. Its picturesque landscapes and natural beauty makes it the perfect location for adventure seekers. Locals and visitors alike enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and more. Many of these activities put the dental appliances to the test, which is a concern for those fitted with a veneer.

Fear not, outdoor enthusiasts. When properly fitted and properly maintained, your veneers can stand up to most outdoor activities in Bend. The porcelain used in veneers is incredibly strong, which makes it resistant to most dental damage. Porcelain is also less likely to absorb odors and stains, which makes it a great choice for those who are active outside.

That being said, protection is key. Individuals with veneers should still take precautions while engaging in outdoor sports. A mouthguard can help prevent damage or new dental trauma. It’s important to select the right mouthguard based on the athlete’s needs. For those engaging in high-impact sports, a cushioning mouthguard may be necessary to protect teeth from impact. Lighter sports activities, such as biking and golf require a less invasive single-layer guard. The dentist can help patients select the right mouthguard for their activity and ensure the device fits correctly.

Maintaining Veneers in Bend

There are a few things that should be done to ensure that porcelain veneers last as long and look as good as possible, particularly for those engaging in outdoor sports. One of the most important factors in maintaining veneers is a good oral cleansing routine. Individuals should brush their teeth with a fluoride toothpaste after each meal and before bed. In Bend, it’s also necessary to rinse the mouth with clean, fluoridated water to remove the coffee, tea, soda, or wine that you may have had during the day.

Flossing is also important for individuals with veneers as it helps remove debris from between teeth and underneath veneers. A fluoride or antimicrobial mouth rinse is also a great tool for individuals with veneers as it not only kills off any lingering bacteria, but it can also provide protection against cavities and other dental issues.

Individuals with porcelain veneers should also look to schedule bi-annual cleanings with their dentist. This will allow for an assessment of veneer health and cleaning to remove any tartar build-up. Patients with veneers should also have x-rays taken annually to ensure nothing is going on beneath the surface.

Veneers and Outdoor Activities in Bend

Those engaging in outdoor activities in Bend should not let the concern of porcelain of veneer damage hinder them from participating in the activities they enjoy. A good oral hygiene routine along with the help of a mouthguard and bi-annual cleanings and assessments at the dentist’s office can help protect and maintain veneers for years to come. So, lace up your sneakers and gear up for adventure. Your smile can still look good while participating in outdoor activities in Bend.