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Before and After: Real Patient Stories from Dr. Kelley Mingus’s Clinic

If you’re considering getting plastic surgery or another cosmetic procedure, you want to weigh your options carefully. It’s important to do your homework, learn what different procedures entail and what the risks and expected outcomes are. It’s also a good idea to get the opinions of people who have undergone similar procedures and read real-life success stories from patients who have received treatments from a trusted and reputable provider. In this article, we will share some success stories from Dr. Kelley Mingus’s clinic, including before and after photos.

Who is Dr. Kelley Mingus?

Dr. Kelley Mingus is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a fellowship in facial plastic surgery. She has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. Her clinic is located in Terre Haute, Indiana, and caters to clients from all walks of life. The staff at Dr. Mingus’s clinic are trained to help people feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire visit. On top of her decades of medical experience, Dr. Mingus also draws from a background in art to help create the most beautiful results possible for her patients.

Breast Augmentation

One of the most commonly received procedures at Dr. Mingus’s clinic is the breast augmentation. Many women find that implants can help them feel more confident in their bodies. Dr. Mingus uses cutting-edge technology and personalized treatment plans to help women achieve the look they desire. One of Dr. Mingus’s patients, Heather, was thrilled with her results. After having children, Heather’s breasts lost their perkiness and fullness. She decided to have breast implants, as well as a breast lift, to help her feel more confident in her appearance. Heather’s implants look completely natural and have helped her regain self-assuredness.

Liposuction/Body Contouring

Mary, another patient of Dr. Mingus’s, underwent a combination of liposuction and body contouring treatments to help her with pockets of fat that just wouldn’t budge, despite her constant efforts at dieting and exercise. Dr. Mingus was able to precisely target certain areas with liposuction and then reposition fat in other areas to help give Mary the well-proportioned and toned appearance she desired. According to Mary, she now has more confidence in her body and in herself, and she thanks Dr. Mingus for giving her back the body she had before the weight gain.


Many people are receiving facelifts these days. A facelift can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tighten and smooth skin and give a person a more youthful appearance. One of Dr. Mingus’s patients, Linda, was amazed when she looked at herself in the mirror after having her facelift. She said that she felt like she was looking at someone at least ten years younger than her real age. The surgery was totally worth it for Linda, who feels much more beautiful and comfortable in her own skin.


Samantha had long been self-conscious of her nose, which had a slightly crooked appearance. She decided to seek out Dr. Mingus’s help to have a rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job.” Samantha’s surgery went extremely well and she couldn’t believe the results. Her nose appears more symmetrical, and she has yet to have any swelling or bruising. Samantha is thrilled with her new nose and is now more confident out in public.


These success stories and photos give a great glimpse into the high level of quality care that Dr. Kelley Mingus’s clinic offers. Patients of Dr. Mingus have a wide array of procedures to select from, all paired with compassionate, state-of-the-art service. Whether you’re considering a breast augmentation, a facelift, or a nose job, you can rest assured that Dr. Mingus has the experience and knowledge necessary to help you achieve your desired results. Owning your body and living your best life has never been more accessible with today’s medical technology. If you’re looking for more personal stories, look to Dr. Mingus’s patients for inspiration.