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Bend’s Guide to Preventative Dental Care: Tips from Dr. Mingus for Active Lifestyles

As an active inhabitant of Bend, Oregon, you probably want to continue enjoying the outdoors uninterrupted. But if your dental care doesn’t align with the benefits of your active lifestyle, you may be setting yourself up to get knocked down by niggling dental issues. Overlooking your oral health in the chaos of a busy lifestyle can result in some not-so-fun experiences, such as sore gums, weak and chipped teeth, and the ever-worrisome bad breath. This is especially so in a city like Bend, where the physically challenging and adrenaline-infused lifestyle is all the rage.

Thankfully, the vibrant Bend community contains an exceptional resource for tips and additional guidance. Dr. Mingus, a practicing dentist in Bend, has charmingly solid approaches to managing your oral health while staying active. Dr. Mingus graciously took the time to outline some productive and implementable preventative dental care strategies that his biggest, tooth-popping, mountain-climbing enthusiasts can’t afford to miss out on.

Keeping Hydrated is Key

Hydration is a significant contributor to both a strong body and strong teeth. Engaging in demanding outdoor activities is likely to lead to a much higher-than-normal need for hydration. If you’re not drinking enough water to clear out your mouth’s bacterial build-up and combat dehydration, your teeth become susceptible to erosion and gum disease. Therefore, an active Bend lifestyle demands a vigilant tooth- and gum-guarding approach. According to Dr. Mingus, if you’re staying active, shoot for 8 ounces of water for every 10-15 minutes of physical activity, along with another 8-ounce glass of water while at home (and right before bedtime.)

Choose Tooth-Healthy Foods

What you eat and drink can make a big difference in your dental health and overall well-being. Making healthy food choices can help you and your mouth stay in peak condition. Dr. Mingus recommends making a point to regularly indulge in foods that contain important vitamins, minerals, and fiber, while steering clear of sticky and sugary snacks. These types of foods can cause massive damage to your pearly whites. Also, be sure to brush and rinse your mouth after eating sugary or acidic foods, and drink water right after to neutralize acids.

Don’t Skimp on Routine Dental Maintenance

Do you get mountain-climbing gear inspected and serviced before setting out on a grand adventure? Dr. Mingus poses a similar question but in a dental care context. You owe it to yourself to have a dental evaluation and cleaning performed at least twice a year, even if you practice exceptional oral hygiene habits and report no noticeable issues. Biannual dental check-ups are a non-negotiable if you want to keep your teeth in their Ace-of-Spades, game-day condition. As a local dentist, Dr. Mingus proudly serves Bend residents and encourages everyone to meet their commitment to preventative dental care.

Resist the Urge to Mouth-Breathe

Active lifestyles can often, unfortunately, lend themselves to the habit of breathing through the mouth. If you’re guilty of this, you might want to try and make a change as soon as possible. Mouth-breathing is likely to cause dry-mouth, an ailment that can contribute to gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath. Instead, try to make an intentional effort to breathe through your nose, which will increase production of saliva and help fight the negative effects of dry-mouth.

Embrace the Warm-up and Cooldown

Exercise enthusiasts often skimp on these two equally important parts of their sweat-inducing activities, and fail to realize that skipping the warm-up and cooldown sequence can cause problems for the teeth and gums. When working out or participating in an adventurous activity, remember to stretch and spend time engaged in lengthy breathing exercises prior to action, and when you’re done, spend a few minutes winding down and cooling off. Respect and commit to the warm-up and cooldown process and your mouth will thank you.

Listen to your body

Last but not least, always listen to your body. If you experience chronic jaw pain, toothache, or bleeding gums, these are potential signs of a more serious dental problem. Don’t hesitate to contact your local dentist in Bend to get a full evaluation if you suspect something’s off. More than likely, you could practice better prevention techniques on a regular basis simply by using that knowledge to make informed adjustments with your dental health.

Dr. Mingus encourages Bend’s active residents to remainvocal about their oral health and to remember theimportance of home care and regular dental check-upsin embracing their active lifestyles. Although someoutside influences are bound to crop up now andagain, practicing preventative oral hygiene behaviorshould keep you and your mouth in the best possibleposition to experience the countless exictingactivities Bend has to offer.