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General Dentistry

A smiling woman hugging a large fluffy dog in a grassy field, next to a graphic with text "the pet connection" and a logo for "kelley mingus.

If you’re living here or just visiting Bend, you’ll immediately notice how pet-friendly our community is. There are so many dogs around; it might seem like there are more dogs than people. Being a good pet owner means caring for your pet’s oral health. Still, many people don’t realize that […]

As we age, our oral health care needs evolve and change. Seniors in Bend, Oregon- like anywhere else- need specialized care and attention to maintain their oral health. It’s not enough to simply brush and floss a few times a day. For aging smiles, tailored strategies are needed to ensure […]

When you think about Bend, Oregon, visions of stunning natural beauty with vibrant mountains, forests, and rivers come to mind. As we collectively focus on the health and sustainability of these landscapes, it’s important to take into consideration the health and sustainability of ourselves–oh, and our smiles too! The truth […]

Bend’s community has seen unprecedented growth over the past decade. As a dentist of over 20 years, Dr. Mingus has always been passionate about providing the best oral health care to his patients and the broader community. But with an increasing number of residents in the area, Dr. Mingus has […]

In the central region of Oregon, the city of Bend offers an abundance of outdoor activities, including water sports and activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, the water conditions in the area may pose some risks to oral health. It is important to take the […]

For families in the Bend, Oregon area, Dr. Mingus and his team offer comprehensive dental services, helping to ensure your smile is healthy and beautiful. With a focus on general dentistry, families can trust Mingus Dentistry with their dental care. Family-Focused Dental Care from Dr. Mingus Mingus Dentistry is a […]

Have you been looking for sustainable oral care practices in Bend? Maybe you want to start making eco-friendly choices when it comes to dental treatment, so you’re on the lookout for a local dentist offering sustainable dentistry. If these are your interests, then you’ve come to the right place. Sustainable […]

When the snow falls, it’s time to hit the slopes. And for many athletes in Bend, that means skiing and snowboarding, playing in an abundance of winter sports. But with all this fun in the snow comes an increased potential for dental injuries. That’s where good dental care comes in. […]

It’s no secret that Bend, Oregon, is a hub for craft beer enthusiasts. This picturesque town in Central Oregon offers some of the finest microbreweries in the Pacific Northwest and plays host to countless beer festivals and events throughout the year. Unsurprisingly, many Bend residents and visitors alike find themselves […]

Bend, Oregon. A destination known for its picturesque views of the Cascade Mountains, beautiful rivers, and a multitude of outdoor activities to enjoy. And with it, one of the most popular destinations for craft beer enthusiasts. This scenic city has more than 22 breweries, giving rise to a beer culture […]