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Fall is finally here, and for many of us that means the kids are back in school and the nest is once again empty. Once the initial sadness that your kids are gone again wears off, there’s a silver lining to their departure: me time. That’s right, you can finally put the focus back on you. But this fall, instead of converting your son’s bedroom into a man cave or a fitness room, why not put your money where your mouth is and really take care of yourself with a full-mouth restoration or smile makeover from Dr. Mingus?

Implants, Partials, Bridges and Crowns

One of the most important elements to a full-mouth reconstruction is replacing missing teeth, whether by bridges, crowns, partials or dental implants. You may not realize it, but replacing missing teeth serves more than just an aesthetic purpose – it can help keep your teeth and bite aligned, saving you from potential orthodontic work. It can also stop bone deterioration on the jaw, so even if you don’t get implants right away, putting a partial in place can help keep the bones of your jaw strong enough to support an implant later.


Orthodontics aren’t just for kids. More and more adults are getting orthodontics either to straighten their smile or for neuromuscular dentistry purposes to realign their bite and correct temporomandibular joint dysfunction. The great news is there are many different types of orthodontic treatments, so you may not need to wear the old-fashioned wire braces that many adults feel so self-conscious in. Invisible aligners are great for some patients and work just as well as wires.


Veneers are a relatively non-invasive and fast way to improve the appearance of your teeth. They can change the shape, size and color of your existing teeth, or cover chipped or cracked teeth. A veneer is a thin sheet of porcelain that adheres to the front of the teeth. They can last up to 20 years with good oral hygiene practices, and best of all they’ll never stain, so your smile will look as good as it does on day one for the entire time you have your veneers.

To learn more about any of these services, please contact Dr. Mingus at 541-382-6565.