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New Amazon Tech Could Monitor Sleep Patterns

Isn’t technology amazing? In many of our lifetimes, we have seen the birth of the internet, smartphones, robots that can vacuum our floors, and even smart devices that respond to our voices and answer questions, play music, and place shopping orders for us. One such smart device is Amazon’s Alexa. This robot can do a lot and is learning more all the time. Now, Amazon is developing a new robot that could help a lot of people do more than even Alexa.

Known as Brahms, author of the song Lullaby, the new project aims to monitor the sleep of the user, without having to attach to the user’s body. Though there are not many details about Brahms because it is still under development, experts say it will be designed to sit on a nightstand and monitor sleep, screening continuously for signs of sleep apnea.

A device like Brahms could someday be a lifesaver, especially to those who live alone and do not have someone to alert them to the snoring or stopping and starting of breathing as they sleep.

While we don’t have a robot like Brahms looking out for us just yet, there are still many things you can do to monitor your sleep patterns. Smartwatches and fitness trackers monitor sleep if worn to bed. Spouses or partners can listen for warning signs. Self-monitoring also works. If you find yourself feeling lethargic or depressed during the day, or struggle to stay awake, speak to your doctor or a sleep specialist about conducting a sleep study. Sleep studies can be conducted in a clinic or at home, and don’t require a second person to complete them.

If you do discover you have sleep apnea, you have more options than just the popular but uncomfortable CPAP therapy. A sleep orthotic that positions your airway open as you sleep is a comfortable alternative to CPAP that many people find easier and more pleasant to use. You can be fitted for a sleep orthotic right here from Dr. Mingus. Each orthotic is custom fit to your individual mouth and eliminates the need for awkward CPAP therapy. To learn more about custom orthotics, contact Dr. Mingus for a consultation.