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Seasonal Dental Check-Ups: Staying Ahead in Bend’s Changing Climates

A healthy lifestyle involves not only eating well and getting regular exercise but also taking care of your health. Our mouths say a lot about our overall health and wellbeing, which is why it is imperative that we get regular dental check-ups every six months. And as Bend, Oregon’s tasty seasons keep bringing us severe weather changes, here’s why it’s important to take your dental health above and beyond by getting seasonal dental check-ups.

Of all the preventative health measures you could make, from regular check-ups with a primary care doctor to routine exercise, getting new dental check-ups is one of the most important and neglected. This is referred to as preventative care, meaning it is done to prevent problems before they start. Regular dental check-ups can help your practitioner to find and treat problems before they become major and expensive.

Frequent Temperature Changes and Dental Health

With Bend’s melting heatwaves in the summer and icy blasts in the winter, frequent temperature changes can have a severe impact on your oral health. During the colder months, the cold and dry air can cause sensitivity for people with gum disease. Furthermore, many people tend to consume more hot and cold junk food and beverages (such as ice cream) during the winter months. This can lead to increased sensitivity as well as discoloration of the enamel. Spring and summer months also come with potential oral health challenges. For instance, hay fever and other allergies during the springtime can lead to increased saliva production. Whether you want to eat a grapefruit or an ice cream cone, increased saliva can lead to an increased level of discomfort. And don’t forget the sunburn! Most people realize that they need to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but not everyone remembers to protect their gums, lips, and skin inside of their mouth. And if these conditions start to progress, they can lead to gum disease or other dental conditions.

Severe weather changes also make it easy for contamination of food and drinks to enter and damage your teeth and gums. You are more prone to consuming contaminated food and drinks in Bend and across the United States during these peaks of hot and cold weather. Furthermore, you are also more prone to unhealthy oral habits during these months, such as eating sugary food and junk food. Sugary food and junk food can lead to tooth decay, cavity formation, and periodontal diseases.

Dental Check-Ups Can Help You Stay Ahead

Getting seasonal dental check-ups in Bend can help to keep your oral health in check, even during severe weather changes. Dentists can help educate you about the potential problems associated with your oral health so that you can take appropriate . As an example, by knowing how to care for your teeth in an appropriate manner during these changes in weather, you can reduce the risk of gingivitis and decay of the enamel. Seasonal dental check-ups also mean that your practitioner can find potential problems before they start to become bigger, meaning that it will be less of a financial strain on your pockets.


Seasonal dental check-ups are important in order to stay ahead of the climate changes in Bend. Frequent severe changes in temperature and air quality can lead to potential problems with your oral health. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re getting seasonal dental check-ups. These help to keep your oral health in check without you needing to worry about developing any future oral health issues. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to get a seasonal dental check-up scheduled today!