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Seasonal Smile Care: Adapting Your Cosmetic Dentistry Routine for Bend’s Seasons.

As the seasons change, so too should your smile care. If you’re seeking out local cosmetic dentistry in Bend, Oregon, it’s important to take into account the outdoor climate all around you –from the Marble Mountain wilderness to the high-desert bluffs. Here’s how to adapt your cosmetic dentistry routine to the seasons of Bend.

Winter Whites

Winter is the most wonderful time of the year for sparkling, white teeth. In Bend, the brisk winter air can cause chapped lips, dry skin, and even a cold core temperature –not to mention hot chocolate and mulled wine can leave stains on your teeth. As Bend’s landscapes transform and snow glistens all around, avoid reddish or dark foods (like cranberries and red wine) that can leave your teeth red too. Try bright, fresh vegetables like celery, spinach, cucumbers and carrots in soups, casseroles and stirfry. Using a winter mouthwash and whitening toothpaste can help keep your teeth glowing all through the season.

Ski Smile Tips

Skiing and snowboarding are popular winter pastimes in Bend, and a warm smile is a must. The altitude can dry out your mouth and lips, so remember to stay hydrated and protect your lips from the wind with a good lip balm. Pack some sugar-free gum for an extra boost of moisture and breath-freshening power, and always brush and floss soon after a meal. Surprisng, the cold air can cause your gums to become sensitive; for fun, invest in a soft-bristle electric toothbrush to create a more enjoyable experience.

Spring Smile Breakdown

Spring in Bend brings longer days and warmer temperatures, so your personal smile routine should lighten up too. Your teeth also need a good spring cleaning –with Bend’s high dessert and river lands, pollen and dander that aggravate seasonal allergies can find their way into your smile easily. A lighter, brighter smile can help put the pep in your step during Bend’s blossoming summer. Make sure to visit your local cosmetic dentist for a good spring tune-up. Also, as you’re out and about enjoying the Fairground Park, walking through Orchard Park or taking in the stunning Lava Lands, remember to pack some water and sugar-free gum to stay hydrated and keep those paws out of your mouth.

Summer Smile Defense

Summer in Bend nears 80° F, and as the temperatures rise so too can the plaque and bacteria that can settle into your smile without proper care. The warm weather and bright sun can be a bit too harsh for your teeth –so supplement your smile-care routine with a power, UV-protective blush of SPF lip balm to keep your pearly whites safe. Avoid bleachy treats and sugar-filled snacks that can corrode your teeth, especially if you’re hiking through the Thiess’ Creek –especially on long summer days. Anthel’s east and Kenzie’s east dessert can be a great place to pop in to cool off and visit your local dentist for a light cleaning.

Fall Smile Soothers

Fall might be one of the most beautiful times of the year in Bend, but it can also be one of the most critical times for oral health. As the weather cools down, mouth irritation can increase, as well as other oral conditions such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. How are you going to enjoy the magnificent fall in Bend if your smile isn’t at its best? A light, small dab of lip balm can help keep your lips moist and prevent small irritations. Sunflower seeds, beans, different nuts and carChannel s can help flush out any food particles that may have settled in your braces, floss regularly, and remember preventative practices like good oral care and professional exams from a Bend cosmetic dentist to help minimize your risk of oral conditions. Also, be sure to avoid dark drinks such as black coffee or tea, as they can affect your enamel and dull your smile.

Adapting your cosmetic dentistry routine to Bend’s seasons will help ensure you have a clean, healthy, and vibrant smile all year round. Check with your Bend dentist to create a personal smile-care plan that fits your unique needs.