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Sports and Orthodontics: Protecting Your Smile During Active Play in Bend

Active play and exercise are crucial for maintaining a healthy body and mind. But for those who are undergoing orthodontic treatment, there are extra considerations to protect your smile. Whether it be a broken wire or a knocked-out tooth, it’s important to take steps to protect your sports and orthodontics on the field and court. Giving yourself proper care and using the right equipment can help ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience for all of those who are active in team sports.

A key to taking proper precautions during active play is being prepared to handle your sports and orthodontics. From wearing a properly fitting mouthguard to having an orthodontic first aid kit available, being well-prepared can help lead to a safer and more enjoyable experience for yourself as well as all other players.

The Importance of a Mouthguard

Mouthguards play a crucial role in protecting your oral health, especially if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Mouthguards help to reduce the risk of orofacial injuries such as cuts, broken teeth, and other injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth.

When using an orthodontic-appliance, it is important to ensure that your mouthguard is properly sized and designed to fit your braces. This is important to ensure the proper protection of your braces and jaw from impact. Without a properly fitting mouthguard or a mouthguard that is not designed for braces, the risk of injury to your appliances and mouth and teeth tissues increases.

My Patient Experience

When I was in middle school, I was a member of my school’s soccer team. One afternoon during practice, I knocked heads with another player, and one of the braces on my bottom teeth broke. As a result, my parents had to make several emergency appointments to have the damaged braces repaired. It was a painful and costly lesson for me. After that, my parents bought me a properly fitting mouthguard, and I made sure to always use it during practices and games.

Orthodontic First Aid Kit

An orthodontic first aid kit can be a useful tool when active in sports. It can be helpful in easing any pain or discomfort from sports or other activities, as well as helping to solve emergencies such as broken brackets or wires, broken or lost bands, or lost retainers. It is a good idea to keep an extra of all parts of your orthodontic appliances in your first aid kit, including elastics, lip protectors, wax and any other items that your orthodontist has recommended.

General Orthodontic Advice for Team Sports

While a mouthguard is essential, there are other things that can help keep your smile healthy when engaging in team sports. One is for people undergoing orthodontic treatment to use softer balls or sports equipment to reduce the risk of injury. Protecting your teeth is your responsibility and if you take proper precautions, you can enjoy playing team sports without injury.

In conclusion, team sports and orthodontic treatment can be a wonderful experience. With proper care and the right equipment, sports and orthodontics can work together to help you and your teammates create great memories. A mouth guard engineered for orthodontic devices, a properly stocked orthodontic aid kit and taking general precautions can help keep braces, teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth safe from injury during active play. And, if you experience any injuries, it is easiest to get fixed when proper precautions have been taken. Enjoy breaking a sweat while keeping your smile safe.