According to some data, approximately one in five Americans drinks at least one serving of soda per day, with many drinking much more. Soda, as you may have already heard, is packed with sugar and acids like tartaric acid, citric acid, and phosphoric acid, all of which eat away at […]

The pandemic has not been easy on any of us, whether we have gotten ill, cared for an ill loved one, are a front-line worker, or have been given extra responsibilities at home with our children. No matter our individual situation, it’s easy to say that it’s been difficult for […]

We all want healthy, strong teeth. But sometimes, what we eat can be detrimental to our oral health, and to our healthy teeth goals. Even foods we think are good for us can be deceptive, containing hidden carbohydrates, sugar, and even acid that eats away at the enamel of our […]

Our teeth are sometimes known as our “pearly whites,” but how do they get that gleaming white hue? It’s from something called tooth enamel – the outer coating of our teeth. Enamel is a porous substance, so sometimes it can be less than white if stained by foods or smoking. […]

The American Heart Association has issued another dire warning against smoking electronic cigarettes, or vaping. This warning comes on the heels of new evidence that finds that vaping isn’t just bad for the heart and lungs, it’s also bad for the mouth, too. It seems dentists have noticed an uptick […]

A team in New Zealand has revealed how foods can increase children’s risk of cavities. Of course every parent knows the risks of sugary sodas and candy, but some common favorites that seem harmless are actually a huge risk as well.

A new lawsuit against the EPA aims to reduce or abolish the use of fluoride in public water systems.