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When Cheap Really Means Expensive

It seems these days there’s a hack to save money on everything — from Starbucks drinks to cheap fast food and even grocery shopping. But what about hacks for dental treatments? While we understand that spending money on dentistry may not be your favorite thing to do, taking less costly alternative dental shortcuts may cost you in the long run. We thought we’d mention a few dental shortcuts that can end up being very costly in this blog. 

Why Is Dental Treatment Important? 

Going to the dentist is a critical part of your overall health. The mouth is one of our most important organs. If it isn’t healthy, then you may incur pain, illness and costly visits to the dentist for treatment. Additionally, you could be at risk of other health issues due to poor dental health.

That’s why regular visits to the dentist are so important. At your dental visit, we’ll check out your teeth and gums, as well as make sure your mouth is healthy overall. 

The same goes for cosmetic dentistry treatments. If you’re undergoing a cosmetic dental treatment, such as veneers or crowns, we’ll need to ensure your smile looks its best, and this means making sure your mouth is healthy overall. We need to make sure we’re taking care of any problems with your teeth and gums before they become too serious.

What Are Some Common Cosmetic Treatments? 

Some common types of cosmetic dental treatments include:

Veneers. A thin layer of tooth-colored material is bonded over the front surface of the teeth. Veneers can improve the appearance of stained, chipped, misshapen, crooked or discolored teeth. They also help protect the underlying enamel by strengthening the tooth structure.

Crowns. A cap made of porcelain or composite resin is placed over an existing damaged tooth to restore its original shape and size. This makes the tooth look more like natural teeth.

Dentures. Artificial replacement teeth are used when all the natural teeth have been lost. They are usually worn on either side of the upper jaw (maxilla) and lower jaw (mandible).

Implants. An implant is a small titanium screw that replaces missing teeth. Once inserted into the bone, the titanium screws fuse with the surrounding bone tissue, which helps support the artificial tooth.

Tooth Whitening. Tooth whitening is a popular cosmetic procedure. During this process, the color of your teeth is lightened using a special gel applied directly to the teeth.

How Do I Know if I Need Cosmetic Treatment? 

If you’ve noticed changes in your teeth or gum line, you may want to consider getting cosmetic dental treatment. Here are some signs that indicate you may need to get cosmetic dental treatment:

  • Your teeth are unevenly spaced.
  • You notice gaps between your teeth.
  • You have broken, cracked or chipped teeth.
  • Your teeth are misaligned.
  • You have dark spots or stains on your teeth.
  • You have a large gap between your two top front teeth.
  • You have deep grooves around your teeth.
  • You feel self-conscious about your smile.
  • You have sensitive teeth.
  • You have difficulty chewing certain foods.
  • You have trouble keeping your teeth clean.
  • You have bad breath.
  • You have periodontal disease.

But Cosmetic Treatments Can Be Costly — Are They Worth It? 

It’s true that cosmetic dental treatments can cost a lot of money. But these treatments can dramatically change how you look and feel about yourself. Plus, they can significantly increase your quality of life.

Some people think that cosmetic treatments aren’t worth the expense; as a result, they look for cheaper alternatives. But remember, cheap isn’t always better, especially when it comes to your teeth.

Dental Tourism

What is dental tourism? Dental tourism is when people travel abroad to get dental or cosmetic dental treatment. The most common reason for going to another country for cosmetic dental care such as dental implants or dental crowns is because of reduced cost. However, it’s important to know that cheap dental procedures are often done by unlicensed or inexperienced dentists who don’t have the same level of training as licensed dentists. This means that any complications could result in serious injury, damage to your healthy teeth or even death. In addition, many countries require patients to pay out-of-pocket before they receive dental services.

Other problems with dental tourism include:

  • Lack of proper follow-up after surgery
  • Uncertainty about quality of care
  • Inability to return home if needed
  • Possibility of having to return for follow-up care

Tooth-Whitening Cheap Dental Shortcuts

Want whiter teeth but don’t want to pay for in-office whitening treatments? Some people choose to purchase over-the-counter whitening strips to brighten their smiles. While these treatments are popular, they have their problems. For example, tooth-whitening strips require frequent use, which can damage your tooth enamel over time. This also goes for whitening products or toothpaste that promise to whiten and brighten that you can buy online, too. 

Other Issues With Over-the-Counter Whitening Products

Over-the-counter teeth bleaching is an easy way to get whiter teeth without having to go through expensive procedures like laser whitening. However, it comes with its own set of risks. Over-the-counter teeth-whitening products contain chemicals that can cause irritation to gums and other parts of the mouth. They can also stain your teeth if used incorrectly. If you’re looking for a quick fix to whiten your smile, consider using professional teeth-whitening services instead. Cheap should never mean painful.

If you want to whiten safely, we recommend that you visit our dentist office for professional whitening services. We’ll provide you with a custom-made tray that will fit comfortably around your mouth, and the whitening agents we use are safe for whitening. In addition, we’ll make sure that you’re comfortable during the treatment.


Want a straighter smile but don’t want to spend years getting it? You may have seen commercials online or on TV about straightening smiles cheap and fast with clear aligners, but while cheap and fast seems like a great idea, using aligners without the guidance of a dentist can be very costly.

Clear aligner trays are available at most dentists’ offices. They are made of plastic and are designed to move teeth into place. Clear aligners work by gradually moving teeth into position through a series of trays worn every night. Online companies promising straighter smiles make the pitch that they can bring you the smile of your dreams cheap without the dentist, but many users have found that skipping the dentist to save money results in additional costs for you down the road to fix the problems cheap aligners have caused.

Some of the problems with online or over-the-counter clear aligners include:

No diagnostic process. As you’re ordering online and doing everything by mail, there’s no chance for a dentist or orthodontist to take a look into your mouth to see what you need. 

In the same vein, there’s no one to ensure that your mouth, teeth and gums are healthy enough at the moment for orthodontic treatment. In fact, clear aligners are not right for everyone. 

Clear aligner therapy requires dental impressions. In this modern day, we use advanced technology to make digital impressions of your teeth so that the aligners we produce are high quality, effective and comfortable. 

Clear aligners that are not managed by a dental professional can have negative impacts on your bite, which can contribute to the development of temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMD, a painful condition in which the jaw joints become inflamed. This can lead to headaches, neck pain, earaches and more. It can also develop into arthritis, which can require expensive surgery to correct. 

Quality Dental Care Is Worth It

We understand that dentistry is not your favorite thing to spend money on, but quality dental care is worth it for your overall health. Cheap dentistry will likely lead to more expensive treatments down the road. Scheduling regular visits for cleanings and checkups can help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and other oral ailments.

At our practice, we offer affordable prices and top-notch service. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and we strive to keep up with the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry to keep you comfortable and provide you with comprehensive and quality care.