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Do You Need a Sleep Divorce?

Sleep apnea. It can cause a long list of problems from medical conditions to depression and more. But it can also cause another problem at its most basic level: snoring. According to The Sleep Foundation, snoring affects an estimated 90 million Americans, 37 million of whom snore on a regular basis. But snoring doesn’t just affect the snorer, it can ruin the sleep of their sleep partner, too. That’s why getting to the root cause of snoring isn’t just a good idea for you, it’s something kind you can do for your partner, too.

Recently, 2000’s television host Carson Daly admitted to getting a “sleep divorce” with his wife, due to snoring from sleep apnea. It seems Daly suffers from sleep apnea, and due to his wife’s pregnancy at the time, the couple decided it was best to sleep in separate rooms for the health of their sleep- and their relationship.

The good news for the Daly family is that it worked- but is it a good idea for the rest of us? According to the Sleep Foundation, it may be. In fact, they claim that according to a recent survey one in four couples sleep in different beds or bedrooms. But before you throw in the towel and drag your weary body to the guest bedroom, there may be a solution that will still allow you to snuggle with your sweetie. A sleep orthotic.

If you snore, the first thing you should do is have a sleep study. If you have not had one of these important tests, speak to Dr. Mingus about how to go about getting one. Once you have undergone a sleep test, if you are in fact diagnosed with sleep apnea, speak with Dr. Mingus about your treatment options. Sleep orthotics are available to be custom crafted to your individual mouth right here at Dr. Mingus’s office.

Custom sleep orthotics are different because they do not require machinery or complicated, difficult to clean tubing. You also don’t have to wear an awkward, uncomfortable mask. The orthotic fits easily into your mouth, propping your airway open so you can breathe easily and reduce snoring, enabling you – and your partner- to get a restful, peaceful night’s sleep.

If you are interested in learning more about sleep apnea and sleep orthotics, please call Dr. Mingus’s office at 541-382-6565.