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Should You Try Designer Tooth Products?

Designer products are all the rage. From handbags to special edition vehicles, many people like to own things that feel exclusive or that set them apart from the crowd. Health and beauty products are no exception. That may be why new lines of ‘designer’ products for oral health are popping up seemingly everywhere these days. Online, prestige beauty stores and department stores carry them – but at a hefty price. In fact, one new brand of toothpaste sells for a whopping $50 dollars a tube. But are they worth it? Here’s what you need to know about designer dental products.

They’re Expensive

Many of us consider paying a little bit more for a product if it works better than the lower-priced alternative, but how can you tell if it works any better without making the investment. Reviews can be faked or skewed, and results can be subjective, especially when it comes to so-called whitening products. The truth is most whitening products only remove surface stains, something you can do with regular toothpaste and good brushing habits.

They May Not Be ADA Approved

The seal of the American Dental Association is an important distinction that a product is both safe and effective. Many of these new designer products do not carry this seal, which means they could be dangerous or ineffective. They also may not fight plaque bacteria responsible for cavities and gum disease.

They Could Be Harmful to Your Teeth

The charcoal toothpaste and toothbrush trend is alive and well, but charcoal can permanently damage your tooth enamel, which is why dentists don’t recommend using it. Furthermore, products that promise to whiten teeth may contain dangerous levels of peroxide which can also damage the enamel.

They May Not Stand the Test of Time

Isn’t it terrible when you find a new product you love and it gets discontinued? Well, that’s one of the risks of falling for these new products. With such an exclusive market, they may be here today, gone tomorrow, leaving customers disappointed. Worse yet, you may never know why they were discontinued. Were they just too expensive to get sales? Did they get pulled from the market because they’re dangerous? You may never know.

The Bottom Line

While trendy new dental products may seem like a good idea, you’re better to treat dental staining and other issues with tried and true, ADA approved toothpaste and cosmetic restorations like whitening and veneers. To learn more about cosmetic procedures that will help you get your whitest smile ever, contact Dr. Mingus’ office.