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Updating Dental Work

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Updating Dental Work 2

Some things in life last seemingly forever, but others not so much. While we know eventually we’ll need to replace things like cars and appliances, sometimes people are surprised to learn that they will eventually need to replace things like dental work. While not all dental procedures will need a redo (those wisdom teeth aren’t coming back!), there are a few procedures that will need an update eventually. Here are just a few things you will likely need to update in order to maintain your oral health.


If you are fortunate enough to have veneers, you know how great they look. You probably want to keep them looking that great as long as you can. Well-cared-for veneers can last a long time, but they’re not permanent. The average life of a veneer is 10 to 20 years, so plan on replacing them sometime in that window.

If you have traditional veneers, replacement is a must, due to the enamel removed during the installation process. However, with a product such as Lumineers, you may opt to have them removed without replacement with no damage to the teeth.


Dentures are false teeth, so you may not think about needing to replace them, but they do get old, worn and sometimes broken if you’re not careful. If you have dentures, budget to replace them approximately every five to seven years, as with time they can become stretched and the shape of your mouth can change, making them fit improperly.


We wish fillings were a one-time thing, but they’re not. Unfortunately the average filling needs replacement every 10 to 20 years if it is cared for properly and the surrounding tooth remains healthy. Yes, getting fillings is no fun, but 20 years is still a long time to enjoy your fillings. Just be sure to care for them by brushing, flossing and avoiding excessively sticky foods that could pull them loose.


Crowns are just deluxe fillings, so naturally they too will need to be replaced eventually. Much like fillings, to extend the life of your crown, be sure to brush thoroughly and avoid sticky foods that could pull your crown loose or off. The good news about crowns is that sometimes even if they come loose, you can still use the same crown, so don’t despair if one comes off. Just call Dr. Mingus’ office and have your tooth and crown evaluated to see if it can be reused!

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