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An Introduction to Dental Insurance

Life is full of tough decisions. Zig or zag, this or that. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some help with some of the more daunting of tasks, like selecting your dental insurance plan? Well here’s some good news! Here are some tips from Entrepreneur Magazine to help you pick a plan that suits you and your family’s needs best!

Choose your provider

First and foremost, before selecting any plan, find out which plans your dentist accepts. This may prevent you from having to switch providers, and we don’t want to lose you!

Assess Your Needs

If you know you will need to have a lot of restorative work done, or if you have multiple people on your plan, it pays to get a bit more coverage. Younger people with healthier mouths generally don’t need much more than bi-annual exams, but bigger families and older adults may encounter more fillings, crowns, etc.

Know the Lingo

DPOS: Dental point of service may require you to visit your primary care physician to be referred to a dentist.

DHMO: Dental Health maintenance organizations require you to use an in-network dentist, and work is done at a preset rate.

DEPO: A dental exclusive provider organization will not cover out-of-network procedures.

DPPO: You can use out-of-network dentists, but will get a better rate with in-network dentists.

Determine the Costs

Figure out if it’s more affordable for you to have insurance or to pay out of pocket. This may require a little research on your part. If you have questions about procedure or exam costs, feel free to call the office for a price quote.

Be a Patient Patient

Some insurance plans have predetermined waiting periods to prevent people from signing up for dental insurance after a dental emergency occurs and then using the coverage immediately. These waiting periods can take up to three months, so be prepared to wait a bit before you can reap the benefits of your new coverage.

Call The Office

If you have any questions about your plan, call the insurer before signing on the dotted line. If you have any questions about what our office provides as part of your plan, please call the office in advance to prevent any surprises down the road.