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Closing the Gap

If you have gaps in your teeth, you may embrace them. After all, gaps can be beautiful. Even some celebrities are well-known for their gaps and carry them off with confidence. But if your gaps bother you, there are solutions to closing the gap, as they say. Here are just a few ways dental technology can hide or seal those gaps.

Gaps in your teeth may appear for many reasons. Missing teeth, misaligned teeth, broken teeth – no matter the reason, there are ways they can be closed.


Dental bonding uses a composite that is applied to the tooth and hardened. It could be applied to one or both teeth where the gap exists. Bonding looks like your natural teeth and is similar to veneers but also similar to composite fillings. Bonding looks natural and is generally the most affordable option for correcting a gapped or chipped tooth.


Veneers are micro-thin porcelain sheets that fit over your existing teeth. They can improve the color and shape of the teeth, but can also fix a gap between teeth. Veneers last up to 20 years but will eventually need to be replaced.


If you have more than one gap or a significant gap, braces may be a good solution for you. Braces typically consist of wires which slowly pull the teeth together over time, closing the gap. Braces can also improve the bite and the overall alignment of the teeth. There are many different types of braces, including clear aligners, so speak to Dr. Mingus about which type or types of braces work best for your individual situation.

Dental Implants

If you have gaps in your teeth due to missing teeth, a dental implant can replace the missing tooth with a crown that looks and feels just like your natural tooth.

Bridges or Partials

Another solution to correcting the gaps from missing teeth is a bridge or partial denture. These can be placed between teeth and close the gap between those teeth with a removable crown.

If you love your gaps, great! Just make sure you are caring for them the same as your other teeth (you still need to floss between gaps!). But if you want to close the gaps in your teeth, speak to Dr. Mingus about your options today.