Crafting the perfect smile with Dr. Kelley Mingus in the craft beer capital of Oregon.

Nestled in Oregon’s scenic heart, Bend is celebrated for its picturesque views, myriad of outdoor escapades, and its prominent craft beer culture. With a staggering 22 breweries within the city’s borders, Bend proudly wears the title of Oregon’s Craft Beer Capital. But have you ever considered that this craft beer […]


From holiday clearance sales to group discounts, everyone likes a good deal – especially in times of high inflation. But sometimes, those so-called deals can turn out to be bad news. That great price on a used car can turn into a long list of needed repairs, and that discount […]

FIVE “Made In Bend” reasons we loved celebrating this Christmas: 1. Terrasteel Furniture Design, LLC bought toys for every homeless kid at Bethlehem Inn. 2. BackDrop Distilling raised a few truckfuls of sleeping bags for homeless in freezing temperatures. 3. Distinctive Dentistry of Bend was proud to have been a […]

Is it finally safe to say that spring has arrived in Bend, Oregon?!  We think so, and it’s putting a BIG smile on our faces.  Spring is a time for cleaning, organizing, and getting ready for our amazing Bend, Oregon summers! Schedule your teeth cleaning or teeth whitening service at […]

Are you familiar with Distinctive Dentistry, formerly located in the charming Old Mill District of Bend, Oregon? Well, it’s time for an update! Dr. Kelley Mingus’s practice has evolved, and while the name may have changed, the commitment to exceptional dental care remains steadfast. A New Name, Same Trusted Dentist […]