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Fun Facts About Your Smile

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Fun Facts About Your Smile 2

A smile can light up the room, as they say. It has the power to bridge language barriers and age barriers, and studies have shown that the teeth and smile are the first things people notice about you when they meet you. But a smile isn’t just a tool to help you in social situations, it’s a reflex, too.

Here are some interesting facts you may not have known about your smile!

Babies start smiling in the womb!

Did you know that babies begin smiling at around 22 weeks gestation? It’s true! Though it’s not known why babies smile in utero, scientists have their theories. One, that they are simply carefree sounds pretty nice. The other theory is that they are simply preparing facial expressions for life after birth. Either way, it’s pretty cute. Smiling is also our first facial expression. How about that for a milestone!

Some people have trouble smiling

An estimated 15 percent of people have difficulty smiling due to their tooth placement and the shape of their mouths!

We have more than one smile

We not only have more than one smile, experts say we have up to 19 different smiles, including those fake smiles we give in certain social situations.

Smiles can alter your mood

It has been found that just by smiling you can improve your mood! Even if you don’t feel happy, a smile can boost your mood and make you feel happier.

Smiling requires a lot of muscles

Did you know that smiling uses up to 53 muscles at once? How’s that for strong?

Women smile a lot

Studies have shown the average woman smiles approximately 62 times a day, while the average man smiles only 8 times per day!

Smiling can boost your pay

Studies have also shown that waiters who smile earn more tips than those who do not.

A bad smile can lower success rates

Nearly ¾ of all people believe a bad smile can hurt your chances of success on the job. All the more reason to invest in the health and appearance of your teeth!

Smiling extends your life!

Smiling can boost the immune system and according to research, tack an average of seven years to your life!