Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Veneer Check Trend

There is a new trend circulating on social media sites called the “veneer check” trend and it’s causing a lot of confusion among social media viewers. It started when people started showing off their filed-down teeth pre-crown in viral videos on the platform TikTok. In the videos, usually created by teens, the subject shows off spaced apart teeth that are usually sharp and pointy- something dentists usually do before applying crowns or caps to the teeth. The problem is unfortunately, many people think this is required for veneers, and it could potentially scare them away from this cosmetic procedure.

The truth is, while some filing of the teeth may be necessary for veneers to be installed, it is usually not as severe as the filing needed to apply crowns or caps to the teeth.

Social media has become a popular way for “influencers” to share information, whether it be via unpaid or paid partnerships with brands that may or may not live up to their claims. In fact, some celebrity influencers have come under fire in recent years for promoting products like teeth whitening kits that may not be safe for consumer use, and may not be effective, either.

When it comes to our teeth, there are no quick, at-home fixes. Whitening kits from your dentist’s office are safe for at-home use, but still take time to work.

As for the veneer check trend, if you are at all concerned about what your teeth will look like before your veneers are installed, speak to Dr. Mingus and get the facts from an expert. Don’t rely on viral videos that may not be accurate or even related to the same procedure.

It can also be helpful to get the facts about how to care for and what to expect from your veneers. Veneers are a beautiful way to change the look of your teeth, whitening them, straightening them, and even repairing chips and cracks. That being said they will eventually need to be replaced, usually within 20 years.

Don’t be scared away from veneers or cosmetic dentistry by watching viral videos. If you have questions or concerns, speak to Dr. Mingus today about what you can expect from this popular and safe treatment.