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Bend’s Natural Beauty and Your Smile: Connecting Oral Health with Environmental Awareness

When you think about Bend, Oregon, visions of stunning natural beauty with vibrant mountains, forests, and rivers come to mind. As we collectively focus on the health and sustainability of these landscapes, it’s important to take into consideration the health and sustainability of ourselves–oh, and our smiles too! The truth is that our oral care and the health of our environment are closely aligned, and by understanding this connection, we can actually improve both.

Thankfully, Bend Dentistry is an important pillar in our community’s essential healthcare, and it is also the perfect place for those who are interested in moving toward more environmentally conscious dental care. We can create awareness for a Shared Future, where both your dental health and our beautiful environment are a priority.

Oral Health and the Environment

There is an overwhelming amount of pollution being caused by both sources (like factories that release harmful substances and fossil fuels) and activities on a personal level (like excessive waste). And, while we can find ways to minimize our environmental impact in simple everyday practices – like recycling and carpooling – there are also certain consumer choices that can have an outsize impact on our environment’s health, including dental products. There are a number of potentially harmful chemicals and products, including toothpaste containing triclosan (a chemical more commonly associated with antiperspirants), that pose a serious environmental risk.

This unfortunate side effect of many oral care choices is not entirely lost on dental professionals, who are mindful of the effect that certain practices can have on the environment. In response, many dentistry practices have developed initiatives and programs to help mitigate these risks, by creating an increased focus on the use of of environmentally friendly products and methods of disposal and more sustainable efficiency practices. In addition, these same dental professionals are also making an ongoing effort to educate their customers of home practices to better protect the environment alongside their oral health.

Non-Toxic Dental Care

As dentists make strides to make their practices more ecologically friendly, customers also have the ability to select from non-toxic dental product options. For example, there are a number of brands that offer dental hygiene products using all-natural ingredients, which are free of harmful chemicals, dyes, and artificial sweeteners. These all-natural products are not only safer for the environment, but also for the overall health of every customer.

Additionally, oral care professionals are also starting to promote more environmentally focused methods of oral health care, including using electricity-free bamboo toothbrushes, as well as natural, truly biodegradable dental floss options. And, we can all make gradual adjustments to achieve our collective goal of creating a more sustainable future, such as becoming conscientious consumers and doing research before committing to a product or service.

Community Dental Initiatives

Providing dental care access to all members of the community is a practice that lies at the heart of many Bend dental clinics. In fact, many such practices are focused on educating and providing for all residents an equitable dental experience.

Fulfilling this need is an essential goal for any dental practice, but one that is made even more attainable when we are all striving to make choices that don’t hurt our environment. This is why many dental professionals are beginning to promote eco-friendly dental programs as part of their efforts to expand access to all people across the community. By providing a way to make a positive contribution to the environment with ease, these programs help everyone in the community feel empowered to make a difference in down the line.

Advancing Dental Care for Ourselves and the Environment

Luckily in a place like Bend, dental clinics are will well-prepared to offer something big: an opportunity to make a real impact on the environment while also ensuring a healthy smile. Smarter anti-pollution practices by dental professionals and the use of non-toxic products by all consumers not only help to defend the forests and rivers surrounding us, but also protect our own oral hygiene and the health of others.

It’s exciting to see these advancements in dental care Janine. Our beautiful landscape and caring practice of oral health can indeed be found hand-in-hand in Bend, and this can only mean shiney smiles all around!

It’s important to stay well-informed about these practice-changing advancements in order to contribute positively. When we start findings way to contribute to the circle of the health of both ourselves and the environment, we can be even happier and health. Thank you for welcoming that shareder future, and let’s get to work!